Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1

Well, the first day is here! I stayed up until 12am last night, as planned, and at 12:35am I had 1,243 words and the prologue done (prologue might be too short dang it!). Then I went to sleep. So now I've only got 424 more words to do (I love that nifty status thing on Nano now :D) to make the Nano daily word goal but I'm going to try to aim higher, I would like to actually complete my entire novel this month and that entails more than 50k words.

Otherwise I have to go out today and get some tea cause I'm out of the black stuff (good for the mornings) and return a game to half-price books and then I shouldn't have to leave the house for while (hermit-ness here I come :D).

And did you know that the NaNoWriMo collective wordcount is already over 800,000?


Erin said...

Congrats on day 1 success! Hope day 2 goes just as well for you!

Book Owl said...

Thanks! I hope that your days are going just as well :D