Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Surprising Myself (Day 22)

Well, today was nowhere near ideal. We (me, mom, dad and bro) went to my grandparents to see my uncle and cousins and had diner, for a pre-thanksgiving thing I suppose. But it wasn't all a waste of NaNo time, I managed to write a whole 2,000 words while over there! This surprised me because I tried to do this last year while at my aunts on Thanksgiving and wrote 0. We left around 7 and I got home around 8-ish and I wrote the rest of the 3k, hitting 5k just before 12am (well, I was about 50 words short but hey, can't stop time ^^;). So today = success!

And, unfortunately, I can't try for 10k tomorrow because I've got to leave home :( My gosh I've been trying to get around to doing a 10k day for a while now and when I finally, actually think I can really do it, things start to happen D:< So not right!

If I can do about three 10k days then I'll be caught up to where I should be! Right now I'm only at 80k but I should be at like 115k, and I feel so guilty D:

But on a lighter note, I've finally gotten to introduce a new character, an interesting, eery, somewhat insane character, and I absolutely love him so far! Remember that drawing I posted awhile ago of that dragon? Well, that's who I'm talking about, and my other characters? Let's just say they're a bit scared of him ;)

I hope everyone is on track with their novels and are enjoying writing those interesting bits!


Anonymous said...

Finally he's alive! :) I hope you can get some free time to do your 10k. I purposely (ahem) lost another week just to give the 10k/5 hours a chance again. My last one I lost for like 500 words when hitting 5 hours. I shouldn't spend so much time talking with my dad... Anyway, I hope you finish in time. I'm feeling nostalgic already, November is almost over. :(

Book Owl said...

rarte- Yeah, he is alive. I think my other characters don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing though ;)
Purposely lost a week? Don't do that to yourself! It's only like 1,700 a day, you can do it :D
I know, isn't it weird? You wait in excitement for November to begin, than curse it after week one exhilaration wears off, and then start to feel a little sad once it's coming to the end :'(

But let's go out in style! :D