Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Dark Night Parody Video (Day 17)

Well, things have been slow going with my novel so far. Not because it isn't good, I'm actually getting to some good bits, it's just that there's that other idea. I've got three quarters of my brain concentrated on the Chronicles and the last quarter, you know the important one, is all over the new idea. And slowly it is taking over the rest of my mind. I am very very tempted to put the Chronicles on hold so I can write about this new idea but I can't do that. I'm afraid I won't finish the Chronicles if I go on to write this new idea. So. . . I guess I'll have to wait.

If I have the self discipline, that is.

But I have something awesome to show you this post! The Dark Night parody/music video that is so expertly done it's hard to believe it wasn't done by a movie director, you have to watch it!

I have no words for how awesome that was! I just found it last night and was in complete awe! They have done a couple other parodies and some other videos, they have a website here, so go check it out!

Hope you enjoyed that video :D

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