Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Waiting for NaNo


I've finally made a cover for the first book of the Chronicles of Siron. It took two or three very wrong tries but I finally did it:

(Note: Image used does not belong to me)

I think it came out very good, a lot better than last years Angels cover by a long shot! I especially love how eerie the eyes came out :D I also made a signature banner thing for it:


I didn't do that texture thing I did with the cover but it came out better without it.

Gosh I'm just so exited! Waiting for NaNo to come up! I've just barely started to outline. I've done this major event outline on a wipey board, an idea from someone on the forums, but I'm still going to try and outline chapter by chapter. I just feel the need to because the wipey board isn't detailed enough, though it is good to glance at for reference. Like in chapter one the outline will be like, 'Be sure to include this or that, etc' That's what I think it'll be like anyway. I haven't actually written it yet. . . <.<

Haha, anyway. I know a lot of other people are just as exited as me, you can tell by looking at the forums, all the topics for 'Countdown to the Wipe' and 'Farewell Forums' and some others.

Um, I might be able to talk about something else tomorrow (or maybe after the new site is up) but for now I CAN'T WAIT!!!1! XD

Saturday, September 25, 2010

50k a Day!?

Well I did some of the word sprints today, starting on my idea #1 because I basically already had some characters and a feel for the world. Basically, it is a reincarnation of an older idea and so I have recycled some of the characters, including the MC, his name is Lighsen Law (last name may be subject to change). The title for my old idea was DK27 and I'm trying to find a way to keep that same title, as I'm rather fond of it, it would have to be incorporated into the plot somehow (there is a meaning behind the title, I'll tell you guys what it means if I can put it in the plot somehow. . . ). So I have a couple thousand words written on that thanks to the sprints but it was hard going because I wasn't entirely sure how to start and I think I started the story two or three times before I finally got in the flow with a good beginning. So that's nice, it feels good to be writing again (I haven't written for a month or so due to my computer braking and losing close to everything; thank goodness for flash drives and my forethought to save my two most precious stories!). I'm going to be doing outlines for this as well as the Chronicles and maybe another or so. The Chronicles is at the top of the list however.

Now, you guys have probably already heard of Kateness, the girl who wrote 1,000,000 words during NaNo last year. But, nevertheless, if you haven't checked out her blog I advise that you do, huge inspiration boost for me. Here is her blog posts throughout November '09 (Day 1 is at the bottom). She wrote 50,000 words in her first day of doing NaNo. O_O :O Anyway it was a great inspiration and you should check it out and read it because it lifted my spirits some to see someone write so much in so little time.

I'm also trying to get myself on a good steady sleep pattern before NaNo (psh, that will probably go down the drain Eye Roll Pictures, Images and Photos) so that I might not be so tired.

Well, that's all for now! I hope everyone is having luck with their NaNo plots and such!

Friday, September 24, 2010


I am crazy.

No, really, I am. As if doing nanowrimo itself wasn't crazy enough I want to write two books within that thirty day time frame. Two. Books. . . .Two. In thirty. Days. *Terrified Shriek* Why do I have to do this to myself? I mean, I know I don't have to write two of them but it just sounds like a new challenge! Interesting and twice as hard! I could write one after the other or work on both at the same time, which, according to some people is easier because if you get bored with one book you work on the other. Sooooo. . . What should I do? Should I try it? I mean seriously, in the last two or three days I have come up with. . . Four (FOUR!) ideas! Three of which are already decently formed ideas with their different worlds already very distinct in my mind and their different plots taking shape. One of these three ideas may actually be a reincarnation of an older story that I gave up on but it now has what it didn't have before: an actual plot! And then I have the Chronicles of Siron on top of these new ideas *mumblegrumble* Here, I'll give a quick summary of my three new ideas (please don't take them) and probably the Chronicles too (don't take that either).


In the near future it is manditory for every person to have a chip put in them at birth. These chips are used for transactions of any kind as well as information about you, etc. It's illigal not to have them. What they don't tell everyone is that you can be tracked with them and they can also kill you. There is an underground group that is utterly against these chips and are often causing the government great trouble and they are trying to get people to believe that the government has the absolute power to kill them, this group wishes to start a revolution. The leader of the underground group is one of the people who helped create the chip.

(If you know what's on page 1,001 of the health care, you know how this idea came about >.>)


Earth is not the only world in existence, the problem is they don't know that. Yet.

There are many worlds, many different planets and earth does not know because they have been 'protected' from knowing of the other planets and lifeforms because of their inability to perform certain abilities. Namely magic. But in a time of war the leaders of each planet have decided that it is time to let the humans know, to let earth realize that they aren't the only ones. Because during this war they can't protect them any longer and they are running out of soldiers so they wish to recruit humans for their own battle as well.

And on earth, there will come a day when hundreds of planets suddenly appear all over their solar system.

(This idea is still very subjective on certain parts but this is the main deal)


A journalist who decides to travel with some one trying to do something (i.e. searching for something/going after someone/travelling to a place no one goes) so he can write up the great article. But he gets more than what he bargained for, when the person he's accompanying ends up discovering major things and everything takes a nose dive as they travel through dangers and peril into the unknown and the very brink of death.

And the journalist? Well, he was there to write about all of it.

(This would be coming from the journalists POV, of course.)

The Chronicle of Siron

In the world of Ailon a young mage, Siron, discovers his magical abilities and travels to the islands to be taught in the ways of magic. Another better learned mage travels with him fortunately, as dark shadows seem to be tailing them on their journey to the islands. They whisper to Siron, tempt him. . . And he soon wonders if he should join them.

(That's the main thing of it but there's a lot more that goes on. I'm afraid if I try to sum it all up here this post will become very, very long)

So, what do you think? The Chronicles of Siron is definitely getting written but what of the other three? I love them all and I want to write! Actually, I want to start writing now so I'm wondering if I should start writing one of them now to pass the time. . . If you can, please comment with your thoughts!

In case you don't know, on twitter NaNoWordSprints is doing sprints every evening (I think) and they'll be doing sprints all day saturday. Join them if you can! I haven't yet because I can't decide if I should start writing something now.

Oh! There's this cool website I recently found called TV Tropes that I find both mildly funny and partially helpful. Especially the Applied Phlebotinum. You guys should check out that website!

Anyway, I think this post is more than long enough, so I shall end it here.

Best writing!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Outlining. . . Maybe

I haven't exactly started on my outline yet, it's still in my head :p I just don't really know where to start, never having outlined before. Well, I suppose you start from the beginning of course. I think an outline might keep me on track, if only I could start it. . . I should do that, like right after this post.

I'm also going to start making my book cover! I love making covers for my books, it's just so fun! This is my cover for last years NaNo Angels:


I would've uploaded the larger version but my computer recently broke and I lost nearly everything. . . Here's the signature banner that went with it:


This years NaNo shall be the first book of my trilogy Chronicles of Siron. The first book is going to be named 'Remnants' unless something better comes up. I wont give out a summary of it just yet but it's fantasy and does have magic. But it's going to be awesome.

OH! There's this awesome website you should check out. You post in some of your writing and it tells you which famous writer you write like. I don't know how reliable this thing is but it's fun and inspiring! It told me Angels was like J. K. Rowling and Stephen King! Yay! xD

Now, about that outline. . .

Sunday, September 19, 2010

And So We Meet

Suppose I should first say hello. Hello (>_>). I had a lot of trouble trying to find an owl layout or header of some kind before deciding to make one myself. I think it turned out wonderful, better than I expected anyway!

So, the reason I made this blog in the first place was because NaNo is coming up (Notional Novel Writing Month). Great place that is, the best thing I have found for writing so far! It takes place in the month of November, you try to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Fun, very very fun, but equally as stressful!

This will only be my second year (last year was a win!) and I already can't wait! I'm itching to write so many different stories right now! But I'll wait. I don't want to exhaust myself only a month and a half before November, that would just be a waste!

So right now I'll just keep myself busy with plotting and outlining. Quite a new thing for me, outlining. I know it's easier and much more fun and stress free to write when you know step by step, I figured this out while rewriting a novel of mine, but I haven't ever outlined before I wrote the story. Very hard for me cause I can't really imagine what will happen step by step until I start writing. This strategy usually leads to dead stops when I have no idea what's suppose to happen next.

Not to say I don't have the plot! I usually already have the plot all done but the problem is that I don't know how to get from point A to point B. I'm good at writing the beginning and the end but suck at writing middles. . . So that's why I'm going to try outlining!