Monday, November 15, 2010

No Wordcount, New Idea (Day 14/15)

Well, I missed yesterday. Mostly because my laptop wasn't connecting to the internet, but kinda not since I could have done it on the desktop. Just wasn't the same though. . . Anyway, laptops working now so all is well.

Well, except for the writing. If you look a bit to the right of this post you can see that not a word has been written yesterday or today. My laptop getting unconnected with the internet is a contributing factor cause it put me in a bad mood yesterday, but that's no excuse cause I don't need the internet to write. But it sure is nice. So I took it up to apple today to get it looked at, the guy clicked around at some stuff and now it's working again, miraculously! But then, as if to laugh at me, the electricity went out for about and hour or two before turning on and off every few minutes. It seems to be working well now, but you never know. . . It might go off right now.

But, I think I'm gonna get back to writing now, the break was fun while it lasted, I even read a whole entire book last night, The Giver by Lois Lowry which was a very very good book, I totally recommend it! Anyway, break over, now I need to start writing again! I might be able to get in a thousand or so tonight if I get going.

Oh, and today, I got this awesome idea for a new book! (No I wont be writing about it until the Chronicles of Siron is over, unfortunately) I was thinking about one of the things someone posted in the Adopt a Plot Twist over in the adoption Society at Nano. It said this: Main villain succeeds(or doesn't) at the end and a new even more evil villain enters the room and kills the first villain easily, hopefully surprising the reader. And I was just thinking about and then it hit me! I'm a bit tentative to post the idea here but by the time I actually start writing it it'll probably be something completely different anyway. So I was thinking what if the villain does win but another more powerful villain comes along and tries to take over, and with no one else to turn to all the good people have to go to the old villain for help to get rid of the new one, and the old villain also needs the good guys to help him?

I think that can make a very good story and I already can't wait to start planning it and everything. But after the Chronicles, of course.

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