Saturday, November 6, 2010

An Excerpt (Day 6)

Well, I haven't written anything yet but now that I've eaten lunch I think I'll get to it! Anyway, I wanted to share the first Excerpt of my book, it's kind short but there will be others that should be longer.

“Samuel?” Siron asked, walking forward and looking over his shoulder before he too froze.

It wasn’t exactly what he was seeing that made his body seize in fear. What he saw was strange. There seemed to be many black shadows, seeming like black mist that hung in the air flitting about. Strange and, yes, fear inspiring, but that was not what made him unable to move.

It was the feeling. The dark coldness that was seeping into him at the sight of these shadows. It felt like these things would eat his soul if given the chance and it took every ounce of his strength to gain control of his limbs and take a gulp of air. He grabbed Samuel's arm and yanked him backwards. Samuel seemed to suddenly come to life, sprinting like death was behind him, which may very well be, and making a beeline back the way they came, towards the faint sound of the stream.

 M'kay, that's all for today, gotta get that wordcount up!

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