Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fabulous Day Today, Isn't It? (Day 11)

Well, it appears to not be as hard as I thought it would be to get myself to keep writing. Though I've only got about 2k words written they've been relatively easy. I guess wanting to get to the next book and all the other people who are surpassing the 50k mark, plus that really clean wordcount checklist, is really motivating me to keep writing. This is what I like about NaNo, it's so motivating!

Otherwise I've been in a very good mood today, the good mood started last night and I actually wanted to clean my room. I know, it was weird, I cleaned the whole entire room for 2-3 hours! My room is now cleaner than it has been for at least a year, everything is reorganized and it looks all nice and designed with my Japanese accents all over the place, I am so glad I did it!

But I still think it's weird.

I've got to get to finishing my 5k, I'll probably post another except very soon, I've just got to go figure out what part to post. . .

Oh, and also, I'm on page 15 of the 'who's got the highest wordcout' which is awesome because it wasn't too long ago that I was on, like, page 60 or something, let's see which page I can get to today!

Hope everything is going well for you guys! I'm just in such a good mood :D Have good nano luck!


Erin said...

Nice job! Keep up the good work!

And if you're in the cleaning mode, you're welcome to take a crack at my room. =)

Book Owl said...

Erin: Ah, thank you. Yes, I would love to clean your room, but *sadly* the cleaning mood has passed :[