Tuesday, November 30, 2010

100k (Day 30)

Well, I had to write about 8k yesterday and today, but I've done it! I actually did it! Twice as much as last year. I wonder what I'll aim for next year. . .

Well, that story with the villain has been going well, I've code named it The Journalist until I can come up with a real title. I've got nearly 15k written on it, so that's a very good start and I am in love with it already, even though there are a lot of things that need to be worked out that I didn't have time to work out, it's still good. I'll probably work out those kinks some time soon. I also think I'll try to write everyday. Unlike last year I just stopped writing for a week or so, then finished my NaNo book, moved on to edit it the next month, and then didn't write a whole bunch after that until the beginning of NaNo again. Not this year! This year, it will be my goal to write everyday so I can create a habit.

Anyway, I am so happy write now, I had a chocolate chip cookie, and took a (needed) shower, and feel so much better and I'm fixing to reward myself with my neglected video games, life is good :)

I hope everyone is satified with what they accomplished this month and will be returning for the insanity next month, and perhaps Script Frenzy in April. No idea if I'll do that though since I wouldn't even know how to begin writing a script. . .

Enjoy your first I-don't-have-to-write-today day tomorrow! Or TGIO (Thank God It's Over)!

Just so I can look back on this next year and see exactly how everything was at the end, here's the wordcounts for all of my stories I've done this month:

The Chronicles of Siron:
Book I - Remnants: 57,415
Book II - The Key: 26,658 (unfinished)

The Journalist: 14,573 (unfinished)
Fork: 834 (unfinished)

Yeah, Fork hardly even counts does it? Anyway, so there it all is! Got the idea to do this from leofair's blog post here.
(Note: The NaNo word validator counted up a few hundred more words than my scrivener word counter.)


Erin said...

Wow, you made it to 100K? I'm impressed! Great job!

I love your idea to avoid taking a break so that you stay in the habit of writing every day. I hope that works well for you!


Claudie A. said...

Yay, BookOwl! Loved to race you to the end, in the last hour of NaNo. :D Friendly dares like these are what make a memorable NaNo, if you ask me.

Congratz on the 100k, and keep going! :)

Book Owl said...

Erin- Thank you!
Yeah, I never really got back into writing after last years NaNo, but this year I'm not going to that. And congratulations on your win too!

Claudie A.- Yes, that was fun! I was typing so fast, haha :D You did have a couple hundred more words than me though.
Thanks! And GREAT job on you 200k!!