Monday, November 1, 2010

Making Progress (Day 1)

Well I have to say that I am doing waaaay better than last year so far. I have written five thousand words today, the first day of NaNoWriMo and I'm going to write just a bit more to finish the chapter. Another thing I'm loving is that I've written five thousand words consisting of only the prologue and first chapter, though when I go to edit I'll have to add in a very important part I forgot to write in the prologue (silly me, I should go write it in right now!). The next chapter is when the really interesting things start happening though. And guess what? My MC, Siron, got himself a friend! This is very good because in the outlines and stuff he didn't have a friend which, let's face it, is unrealistic when living in an orphanage. So that problem is fixed, which has also fixed some future problems I was worried about. The world is really coming to life as well, it's kinda a mixture of the things we're familiar with and the regular high fantasy stuff like no vehicles or technology, etc. I really like how it's going so far.

It took five cups of tea (two of which I chucked after one taste cause they did NOT taste good) one mini kitkat which I rewarded myself after making the NaNo daily goal, and all the word sprints and tweeting to keep me going so long, so thank you NaNoWordSprints and the other wrimos I follow on twitter!

I think I'm going to make five thousand my daily word goal so I can definitely finish my book and possibly start on the next one as well. That would be awesome! To get part of book two done this month!

And you know, despite all the writing, today has felt somehow normal. I didn't feel like I was rushing to get words in (which may be because I actually have an outline!) but it was nice. I'm sure it won't feel like this at the middle of the month.

I hope everyone is having success with their word counts! May the force be with you (the NaNo force that is :P).

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