Sunday, October 31, 2010

Waiting for Midnight

Well, Nanowrimo is only hours away.

I finished my fingerless gloves just minutes ago, I ended up having to sew them instead of knit (I was horrid at knitting gloves Dx). But here they are, they turned out nice:

 And I have my incentives in place so I'll finish my writing goals:

The PC game isn't a grand prize (though i wish I'd thought of that), I'll just get to play it at the end of the day if I get my writing in :)

My chapter-by chapter outline isn't done but the wipey board one is, the one that covers the major stuff:

My inspirational picture:

(lolz! I has no face!)
One day that'll be me signing my books!

My sticky note chain:

And everything else:

So all that's left to do is clean my room, and that shouldn't take to long!

So everything is ready for Nano! I'm going to relax and watch TV, play games, indulge in things that shall be forbidden come 12am. I hope everyone's prepared! Who else is going to write at the stroke of midnight tonight? Or if it's already November where you live have you started writing and how much have you done so far?

(I think I did too many photos, hope it didn't bug you but I was  in the mood to take pictures of everything)

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Erin said...

Love the photos! Thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow morning, so I won't be starting at midnight. I would just skimp on sleep and consume extra coffeine, but I figure that starting the month sleep deprived is not the way to go. Better to save sleep deprivation for November 20ish!