About Me

I am a girl. I write. That's about all anyone needs to know, but I suppose you want to hear more than that. Let's see. . .

  1. I write speculative fiction, mostly the stuff that involves magic. And maybe some dragons.
  2. I love tea. Tea is good. Go buy some jasmine tea and drink it, it's delicious.
  3. I want to learn about ten different languages but am doing it one at a time. Starting with Japanese.
  4. I like video games and own nearly every game unit.
  5. I like swords and knives. Real ones. They are awesome.
  6. I own two instruments I can't play and one that I can barely play.
  7. I have not one, not two, but three pianos. These only count as one of the instruments I own though.
  8. I adore elaborately decorated chess sets, but don't play chess often.
  9. I own nearly 200 books. Be jealous.
  10. These 200 are only counting my fiction books though.
  11. I have many non-fiction books as well.
  12. And journals.
  13. I have no bookshelves for these books yet. This should be fixed.
  14. I am a quiet person.
  15. However, if I am out and about going into the evening this changes. Sometimes drastically.
  16. I like digital drawing, especially maps.
  17. And dragons.
  18. Actually, I just like dragons.
  19. There are three small dogs.
  20. And one big one.
  21. And two parrots.
  22. And a cat.

I can no longer think of anything else slightly interesting, this list will have to do. Remember, all you need to know is that I write and then everything else will make sense. Because, you know, writers are crazy.

Or at least I am.

A little.

But not too much.