Saturday, November 10, 2012

NaNo Day 10


Today has been sloooow goooing. I've written 1,222 words so far, giving me a total of 7,735. I'm still hoping to get in maybe 3k today. There's still a few hours left of the day!

The good part is that I'm almost to the more exciting bits of the story. My character Emily is about to have to fend for herself with little money that will quickly dwindle into nothing.

But an unexpected character has snuck her way into the story. Emily's maid, Clavre. Clavre was completely unexpected but in the beginning it made sense that a rich person back in the day would have a servant of some sort. So in came Clavre and now she's gotten left with Emily in another country. Except, for Clavre this country is the place of her birth and in her country she is considered free and not a slave to anyone (unless she signed up for it anyway). I'm not really sure what Clavre is going to do. So far she is helping Emily but she could leave in a heartbeat if Emily treats her wrong.

I had planned for it to just be Emily on her own, but with Clavre I'm not really sure what to do now. perhaps something will happen to her. . . I don't know. Guess I'll find out if I get back to written eh?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Days 1-9 in NaNoLand

I'd meant to post everyday this month for NaNo but I ended up moving on the 1st this month and have been neglecting my writing. Plus, since I just moved to this new house the internet didn't get set up until today.

My mom and dad have decided to try getting back together and see how things go so we've moved into the house dad has rented. So far so good. I've already got most of room brought over and set up except for my books and book cases. Me and my dad are going to build some custom walnut bookcases this weekend to fit around my closet. They're going to be awesome :D And my room is finally a decent size so that I can fit a coffee table and armchair in here. It's really great, and my parents seem to be getting along fine. There hasn't been arguing or anything so far.

I only got to write about 1400 words at midnight on the 1st. I was writing on some story that was from the POV of a dog but I have since given up on that story. I just wasn't feeling it and had no solid direction to go in.

The day before yesterday I was thinking about what story I should write on, if I should start on the Chronicles or The Journalist or Sun Touched again, or if I should start writing on one of two ideas I came across while digging through some old documents searching for something new to write. They were some pretty good ideas too, one of which I was kinda excited about but when I opened a fresh new page and it was time to start writing, something completely and utterly different popped into my head.

It only started out as a couple sentences but as I kept writing the story evolved into something more solid, with a direction. I've since gone with it.

I've written a total of 3342 words on this story so far and am still intrigued by it. It is unlike anything I've thought of so far. It's about a woman named Emily who marries a man she doesn't love and her husband becomes increasingly resentful of this fact over the years until he abandons her in a foreign country with little money. Emily, who has lived in luxury all her life and believes herself to be the most beautiful and wealthy of women, now has to learn to make a living for herself and ends up dirt poor and living on the streets.

So far so good I think! I hope this idea turns into a good story. I imagine the world that she comes from similar to Victorian but the country she is left in is something completely different. A different language, a different culture, she'll have to relearn everything.

And there's going to be magic in here somewhere. Probably not as dominant as it usually is in my stories but I have some ideas for things that happen in later.

 So, I'm painfully behind on my word count, only 4772 so far, but I plan to catch up!! I can do this! :D

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Coming. . .

NaNoWriMo, that is!

October has come, the site has reset and now it's time to get down to business.

All year I have been trying to figure out and unravel the plot, characters and world of the Chronicles of Siron. I have been thinking about Sun Touched and have many new, more powerful ideas for it. Another idea just recently came to me, different from the ones I usually get. It's probably in the middle grade or YA area, but I still like the idea. I think it may be too early to start writing it though.

And so now to start the new outlines and make the new covers and synopsis's and summaries and all those exciting things! I can't wait for NaNo to start but at the same time I feel completely unprepared. I think this may be the hardest year for me as I'm still living in such a small area and have been stressed out lately. But aside from that, I'm still excited! :)

I've already bought a load of tea and discovered a lovely tea store in the mall called Teavana, which I am in love with now! They've got so many different teas. And the tea pots! They are so beautiful! I think that is where I will go to get my tea set when my new bedroom is ready to be decorated.

And then. . . Just yesterday I did something crazy. I got my hair colored! I colored it a dark purple and then did a blonde umbre. And the hair cut with it; bangs and long hair. I absolutely love it! I've been wanting to color my hair for a long time now and I've finally done it!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Two New Puppies!

Say hello to Alistaire:

And Grimm:

The two new additions to the doggy family! They are only 11 weeks old but they are nearly as tall as their mother! Grimm is supposed to be my brothers dog but I think he's mine (after all, I'm the one who usually takes care of them :P). I absolutely adore them but sometimes they get on my nerves, they're more than a handful and they are constantly trying to play fight. It doesn't sound like play fighting to me though.

The three little dogs are still getting used to them. Giggles is the one who is the most friendly with them, he loves to play with them, but even he snaps at them sometimes. Honey B is more or less indifferent and Roxi (my girl :) wants absolutely nothing to do with them. Sometimes she'll just barely tolerate them if the come and lay next to her but that is the extent of her tolerance. She doesn't try to attack them or anything, just avoid them.

Here's a pic of the three little dogs:

The Chihuahua on the left is Honey B, the Pomeranian in the middle is Roxi, and the Pom on the right is Mr. Giggles

And while I'm at it, I got a nice pic of Bugs:

And I couldn't help but make a couple gifs of the puppies!

Alistaire walking.

Grimm waggin his tail :)

All the puppies (except Roxi, of course :P) together.

So there's the over abundant cuteness for the day! Hope you enjoyed! Now to go and cuddle them :D

Thursday, August 9, 2012


(Pics at the bottom!)

We have the puppies! To be honest I was starting to think that they might have died because Bugs was starting to spend what seemed to be all day under one of the cars. It'd been a couple weeks since me and my dad checked out the cave and so this morning me and him went to go check it out. I was expecting to see and hear nothing just as before but we were going back into the brush, Bugs in front of Dad and him before me. And then we heard barking! There were three of them, a white one, a black one and a brown patterned one. They were outside the cave and dad got them and all of a sudden, we had puppies!

We brought them back and showed my brother and mom and they were so excited! So about an hour later my mom urged me to go back to the cave and see if there were any more puppies and so I did, taking Bugs with me. I didn't really think there would be any more but when bugs went into the cave I though there probably would be. She was down there for a minute or two before I began to call for her and she came back out and three more puppies spilled out behind her! I grabbed them all but I had four puppies in my arms (I had brought a puppy with me thinking that if there were any in the cave they might come out if they heard a puppy outside) and after getting a few feet away from the cave I set them down to rearrange them in my arms but the new brown one ran back to the cave and inside before I could catch him. I brought the two new white ones and the brown one I'd brought with me back to the house and set back out to get the remaining one.

Bugs went down in the cave again and the brown one came out with her but didn't come out far enough and ran back inside once it'd caught sight of me and my dad. But for the moment it was out we could hear another puppy whimpering inside. So there were two left!

Bugs wouldn't go near the cave after that but I finally thought to get Bugs on a leash and get her over there. She finally went down into the hole and out came the Brown one and I snatched him up. And there was a little white one behind him but this one was even more wary than her brother and she stayed down where I couldn't reach before going around the corner and deeper into the cave. It took two or three times more of Bugs going back into the cave before the white one came out far enough for me to snatch her.

So we have seven in total. One black one, two brown patterned ones, and four white ones! The black one and three of the white ones are female and the rest are male. They were five weeks old Tuesday and already eat hard food and drink water, though not exclusively.

I think I'll keep one of the brown ones and maybe a white one if I can manage it. My brother is keeping the male white one and I don't know which one my moms gonna keep.

Also, last night bugs wasn't around. I believe she went back to the cave so that makes me wonder if there are still puppies in there. . . I guess I'll have to try and find out!

Here's some pics of Bugs, Ghost (the father), the cave and the puppies!

(Warning: Many pics ahead!)

Bugs and Ghost


Cave entrance with my Dad and Bugs

All the Puppies

Bugs with the Pups

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bugs Had Puppies!

I can't remember if I've blogged about my dad's dog (really more of a family dog) Bugs, a Border Collie/Labrador (I believe) mix. Well she started to hang around the shop about 3 years ago. She was a stray and my dad ended up bringing her home when it got really cold that winter and we've had her for about two years now. Anyway about two months ago she got pregnant.

We're hoping that this White German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix is the father. We call him Ghost. His owners a neighbor a ways down the street but we haven't met him so we don't know what the dogs real name is, but he comes to 'Ghost' just fine now. :)

So two months later I've been eagerly awaiting the birth of the puppies and she disappears suddenly. And I'm like "Oh, great. She went and found a place outside to have them. Well it was too dark to look for her yesterday so I looked for her today. I didn't find her under the shed or around the shop or near the edges of the corn field. I was starting to get really worried. And then this evening I went out to check around again and she comes trotting from across the street. I was so happy. You could tell that she had given birth cause her stomach was gone, she looked so thin compared to when I last saw her!

She drank a lot of water and ate some food and then me and my dad followed her hoping to find the puppies. Bugs lead us across the street into a bunch of really tall grass/bamboo like stuff that like 12' high. We pushed our way through the brush after her and she eventually lead us to the other side at the field. At this point we figured she wasn't going to show us where her pups were but then she went down the tall grass a few feet and plunged in again. We followed and ended up at a tunnel that went into the ground. And that's where her pups are!

But the most unfortunate thing is that we cannot get to the puppies to bring them inside, or even see them. The tunnel's too small to crawl into (though you can probably wiggle in a bit. I'll have to try to get my dad to do that :p and it goes down about two foot before turning a complete turn to the right so it would be impossible to see anything without squirming in there.

Needless to say I am completely annoyed by this turn of events. I have to wait even longer to see the puppies!

Now I just gotta figure out when Bugs will probably lead her puppies out into the world. . .

I might post later with pics of Bugs and Ghost and the hole.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm Back. . .

Ah. . . Well. . What do I say?

It all started with that Kony 2012 post. While I was posting it, I knew I shouldn't post it because I never post about things like that on my blog. But I put it up anyway and found out that there was some shady stuff about the Invisible Children Organization. And then I think I heard something on the news about it too. I decided that I would take the post down and put a quick comment about why in my next post, but I kept putting it off.

And it was cause I was embarrassed. 'Oh no! I posted something wrong! I'm going to have to delete it!' And so I kept putting it off and kept procrastinating and the longer I was away the less I wanted to post anything. I wanted to put it in the back of my mind and never think about it again.

But I still wanted to blog. And so finally, today, I'm doing what should've done months ago.

To everyone who read my blog I apologize for just leaving you hanging without a word. If I ever find myself away from the blog for too long I'll leave a note next time.

For now, I think I'll start blogging again, probably next week though. And I won't be posting about things like Kony again unless I really know what I'm talking about.

Sunday, February 19, 2012



My gosh it's been too long without internet. It felt like. . . like there was just not as much to do as usual. I hope I don't have to deal with that again. Downside is that there's only 1gb of speed so it takes a bit longer for some things to load than I'm used to. And videos? Omg, if it's not in the lowest quality setting I have to wait longer than the length of the video for it to load. But I can browse pretty okay so alls. . .okay.

In other news: We're halfway moved to the shop. We got all the important things, beds, fridge, other stuff that we use often. We pretty much just have the craft room, garage and other small spaces to move, and the garden dirt, then we're done! I can't wait till then, I hate, hate, hate! moving. And then. . . then we start putting up the walls for the new house in the shop. I can't wait until that either!

Anyways, while I was away from the internets an amazing thing happened! I read and finished (the finishing part is very important here) four, FOUR books! I read Crank by Ellen Hopkins, finished Shatter Me by Tehereh Mafi, which was awesome, loved it!, and read the last two books of the Hunger Games series! Which was really awesome as well! I can't believe that! It's been so long since I've read and finished any books and it feels so great :D

And then I found out that the Hunger Games movie comes out next month! I mean, I knew they were making the movie but I thought it would be coming out late this year cause they always seem to talk about the movies like two years before they actually come out. So I will hopefully definitely be seeing that movie in theaters when it is released if I can scrape a bit of money together.

Also, the no internet thing gave me a jump start on my art as well. I got some stuff in the works for my book which I think I'll post here soon!

So, till next time!


Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Troubles

Wow, there are so many things going on (or perhaps it just feels that way). Mostly not good, but some of it good. First off, me and my family (brother, parents) are moving. We're not moving very far, about 45 minutes away, but we're not moving exactly by choice. Our financial situation isn't good with having to pay a loan on our shop and house and other stuff. Our house is about to foreclose so we are moving to the shop. Might not sound fun but the silver lining is that we are going to build our house within the shop and essentially get everything that we want in a house.

We're going to be able to garden and maybe even get chickens, and since we're not renting, our four dogs and two birds won't be a problem. The shop is so large we'll be able to have a full sized home inside and build it for relatively low costs since the foundation is already there and though it'll be lots of work it'll be better in the end because we'll only be paying one mortgage and one electricity and water bill. Really, I'm so glad my Dad is a carpenter because he knows all about building houses and stuff. (his dad is a carpenter and so was his grandparents. . . runs in the blood I guess.)

So, it's not so bad. I'm actually sort of excited. I'm not looking forward to having to pack and move though, I always hate that part.

Another thing: some of you might remember the post awhile ago about my cat Fritzy. Well, we had to put her down last month, right before new years. It was sad but she was so old (19 years!) and you could tell she was in pain. It was sorta weird the first few nights after we put her down because I always expected to see her sleeping in the living room or meowing for food and once or twice I thought I saw her, but no.

So, my posting on here will probably be non-existent for a bit longer. I'm hoping that setting up the internet at the shop will be easy but, with the way the internet has been for the last couple months I'm fearing the worst. . .

I hope 2012 is fairing better for everyone else! Happy belated new year!