Sunday, November 7, 2010

Secret Narnian Hour (Day 7)

Well, last night during the secret Narnian hour (the daylight savings 1 am-is-two-hours-long thing that most of America and some of Canada does) I wrote 2,000 words in only an hour and a half and I was so happy cause I thought I'd be able to write a bunch today.


Of course today was the day that my mom and dad finally decided to move our furniture and everything into the living room. So, I still have about 800 words to go to reach my usual 5,000 daily goal and I might write some more after that. And to think I was going to try and get 10k in today >:|

And also, my current overall word count is 34,961! I cannot believe I'm already nearly at 50k! And to think that last year I struggled to get to 50k! Anyway, I thought I would just put it out there what my real goal for this month is so I have more pressure to actually do it. My goal is 150,000 words this month and I aiming for Remnants, the book I'm writing right now to be about 75k long before I start on book 2. So, writing has been very productive this month!

I hope everyone else is having a productive month as well and for those who aren't I know you guys can do it! If I can you guys can too, all you have to do is the butt-in-chair strategy and then click away at the keys, or move that pen/pencil on the paper, even if it feels like one more word will kill you! ;)


Anonymous said...

I know how it feels like, my mom every now and then decides to move everything, specially when I plan to do something else. Keep going, and thank you. I'm trying to write 8,000 today, but I'm so tired. My back hurts, my mind... it looks like an empty white room right now. XD But you're right, I too need to write even if it kills me. :( *lazy*

Book Owl said...

Seriously? How weird. . .Our parents are out to get us <.< >.>

Hope you reach that goal! That's the way my mind wants to like but I won't let it ;)

Good luck!