Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Plot!! (Day 5)

Well, today has been way better than the last two! The 5k was a lot easier to write, even though it took so long, though that was mostly because I had to go to ikea. Anyway, I might try to write more than 5k tomorrow depending on how things go. So I have a total of 25,477 words!!

I have a potential sub-plot! Or a contribution to the main plot, whatever it is, it's a plot bunny that has come to spice things up. This little sub-plot is going to make the good side not look so good anymore, hehe :D Oh my gosh I so can't wait to write it! It's gonna add so much more realism instead of the usual good side/bad side thing! It's gonna make some things a bit more believable :DD

Well, things are starting to go good again and I hope they continue to do so. But as for now I have to get to bed, I keep misspelling words everywhere (but you can't see them cause I has spellcheck√!) And I'm starting to think everything's a bit funny, a sure sign that I need sleep.

Also, don't mind the fact that this was actually posted on the 6th instead of the 5th, since I haven't gone to sleep yet it's still the 5th for me z_z

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