Saturday, November 13, 2010

End of Book 1 (Day 13)

Well, I have finally ended book one only at 57,405 words. I was initially wanting it to be around 75k but after realizing that most of the book was all wrong I just couldn't continue much farther with it. I'm going to start on book two which should be very cool, introducing a bunch of new stuff and the poor MC is going to go through so much I almost feel sorry for him (almost ;). But I can't wait to start, I'll probably be starting it in just a minute once I figure out just how to start it.

Otherwise, I've only written 1k words today so far and I'm upping my daily goal to 6k for a few days until I get back on track after being so fail yesterday :( I want to get these words out of the way quickly today so I can just do whatever so I need to hurry up so I can accomplish that goal >:D

I hope everyone is having less trouble with their stories than I am and am sending some good writing vibes your way )))))))))))

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