Wednesday, November 10, 2010

50,000 Ant Hills (Day 10 (and 9))

Well, I didn't post yesterday because I hardly had enough time to write yesterday, there was a meeting I had to go to which pretty much messed everything up >.< But I manages to get my 5k in and get it on the nano website at exactly 11:59 PM, so I was waaaay lucky.

But enough about yesterday, what about today?

I TOTALLY GOT TO 50,000 WORDS!!!!!!!

*ahem* Anyway, I got my 5k in way earlier than usual, and so got 50k about an hour or so ago. I am so happy because it took me all 22 days last year (22 days because I discovered it late) to get to 50k and here I did it in a measly ten. And I'm going for more :D

My next immediate goal is 100k which I hope to get to by the 20th and I'm sad to say that, because I made the 50k I'm thinking things like "Why put myself through the torture anymore if I've won?" and "Let's just take it easy; no more 5k a day!" but I can't let myself do that! I have to keep going to get to this personal goal I've set!

Also here's my old wordcount checklist and new one:



Can't wait to start crossing some of those off! Starting tomorrow >:D

Also, I hope my story picks up some. It was getting pretty boring yesterday. Did you guys get the pep talk from Aimee Bender? You know how she was talking about that grocery store and ant hill thing? Well, today I noticed that I was concentrating way too hard on the grocery store and ignoring those ant hills I wanted to write, but I took her advice and wrote them because I wanted to and, yeah, I could take them out later. And guess what? It really picked things up for me and added to the plot in big ways, I think! So I say you should take her advice! If you suddenly want to write about a really cool ant hill that just popped into your head, even though your supposed to be writing about that grocery store, go for the ant hill anyway! Remember, you can still write about the grocery store and the ant hill and if later the ant hill doesn't fit, chuck it (only after nano :P) but that ant hill might bring up some really important things you hadn't thought about!

So, that's my wisdom of the day ;p Now go write about them ant hills!


Anonymous said...

Awesome job on reaching 50k so early! And that anthill pep talk was really awesome. It helped me to overcome some plot-dragging hurdles as well. Keep up the good work!

Vanessa said...

Congratulations! :D
I took her advice too, but instead of writing about xxx book (I can't wait for December! I'm so going to write fanfic) I wrote a later scene, full of "action" (ok, plot twist) instead of writing introduction chapters. I'm so happy I did it, still, I'm 9k behind the daily goal. Oh well.. I'm glad you are going for your own goal, don't give up. You have a lot of faithful visitors to please. :P
Loved your colorful chart.

Erin said...

Congratulations! I'm so jealous that you're already at 50K. You'll knock out 100K in no time!

Book Owl said...

Thanks for your comments!

Erin: Thank you! Yeah, I'm hoping to get there by the 20th!

Vanessa: Yeah, her advice has been helping me lots when I tell myself "But I can't write about that". Oh, I like fanfiction, namely the Harry Potter stuff :P
Thank for the encouragement! It really helps! And it's so weird to think that there's people that come here to read my stuff, thanks :D
Glad you liked my charts ;)

Invisibleexile: Thank you :D Yeah, that pep talk has worked wonders for me! A lot of the 'anthills' have become actual plot points, it's amazing!

Thanks for you're comments and let's all keep writing!