A list of writing projects I am currently working on, with varying levels of progress and immediate attention.

  • Sun Touched
Quick Summary: Dalon Av Baen, former sorcerer, lost his power 98 years ago when the sun began to die. Now with winters growing long and cold, he has done his best to blend with the others and forget his former life, waiting to die. But when he meets Nara - a sun-touched - and her foolish ideas about saving the world, he reluctantly begins to have hope.

Info: Currently being written for '11 Nano. Was a complete plot bunny and I like the idea so far.
  • The Chronicles of Siron
Quick Summary: Strange shadows harass a young man with promises of glory and splendor if only he does for them a single, unsavory favor. How long will he resist, and if he agrees, what will become of him?

Info: Currently on hold as I write Sun Touched. '10 Nano novel, undergoing a complete rewrite. Will most likely be a trilogy. In the plotting and world building stage.

  • Angels
Quick Summary: The Tower of the universe brakes, bringing about all of life's undoing. The only hope for the universe is the Angels, who may know the secrets to save it.

Info: '09 Nano novel. Needs a face lift, plot revision, character revision, everything. Has good bones though. Playing with ideas for this.

  • The Journalist
Quick Summary: An unbeatable enemy has been gaining the lands and countries of earth through war. But when a greater threat appears the remaining free nations and the Enemy find they need to team up to survive.

Info: '10 Nano novel. Partially written. I'm in love with this idea but it's on hold at the moment.