Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Troubles

Wow, there are so many things going on (or perhaps it just feels that way). Mostly not good, but some of it good. First off, me and my family (brother, parents) are moving. We're not moving very far, about 45 minutes away, but we're not moving exactly by choice. Our financial situation isn't good with having to pay a loan on our shop and house and other stuff. Our house is about to foreclose so we are moving to the shop. Might not sound fun but the silver lining is that we are going to build our house within the shop and essentially get everything that we want in a house.

We're going to be able to garden and maybe even get chickens, and since we're not renting, our four dogs and two birds won't be a problem. The shop is so large we'll be able to have a full sized home inside and build it for relatively low costs since the foundation is already there and though it'll be lots of work it'll be better in the end because we'll only be paying one mortgage and one electricity and water bill. Really, I'm so glad my Dad is a carpenter because he knows all about building houses and stuff. (his dad is a carpenter and so was his grandparents. . . runs in the blood I guess.)

So, it's not so bad. I'm actually sort of excited. I'm not looking forward to having to pack and move though, I always hate that part.

Another thing: some of you might remember the post awhile ago about my cat Fritzy. Well, we had to put her down last month, right before new years. It was sad but she was so old (19 years!) and you could tell she was in pain. It was sorta weird the first few nights after we put her down because I always expected to see her sleeping in the living room or meowing for food and once or twice I thought I saw her, but no.

So, my posting on here will probably be non-existent for a bit longer. I'm hoping that setting up the internet at the shop will be easy but, with the way the internet has been for the last couple months I'm fearing the worst. . .

I hope 2012 is fairing better for everyone else! Happy belated new year!