Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bugs Had Puppies!

I can't remember if I've blogged about my dad's dog (really more of a family dog) Bugs, a Border Collie/Labrador (I believe) mix. Well she started to hang around the shop about 3 years ago. She was a stray and my dad ended up bringing her home when it got really cold that winter and we've had her for about two years now. Anyway about two months ago she got pregnant.

We're hoping that this White German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix is the father. We call him Ghost. His owners a neighbor a ways down the street but we haven't met him so we don't know what the dogs real name is, but he comes to 'Ghost' just fine now. :)

So two months later I've been eagerly awaiting the birth of the puppies and she disappears suddenly. And I'm like "Oh, great. She went and found a place outside to have them. Well it was too dark to look for her yesterday so I looked for her today. I didn't find her under the shed or around the shop or near the edges of the corn field. I was starting to get really worried. And then this evening I went out to check around again and she comes trotting from across the street. I was so happy. You could tell that she had given birth cause her stomach was gone, she looked so thin compared to when I last saw her!

She drank a lot of water and ate some food and then me and my dad followed her hoping to find the puppies. Bugs lead us across the street into a bunch of really tall grass/bamboo like stuff that like 12' high. We pushed our way through the brush after her and she eventually lead us to the other side at the field. At this point we figured she wasn't going to show us where her pups were but then she went down the tall grass a few feet and plunged in again. We followed and ended up at a tunnel that went into the ground. And that's where her pups are!

But the most unfortunate thing is that we cannot get to the puppies to bring them inside, or even see them. The tunnel's too small to crawl into (though you can probably wiggle in a bit. I'll have to try to get my dad to do that :p and it goes down about two foot before turning a complete turn to the right so it would be impossible to see anything without squirming in there.

Needless to say I am completely annoyed by this turn of events. I have to wait even longer to see the puppies!

Now I just gotta figure out when Bugs will probably lead her puppies out into the world. . .

I might post later with pics of Bugs and Ghost and the hole.