Saturday, October 23, 2010


Well, I have to say I was on the fence about putting dragons in the Chronicles. Mostly it's because, no matter how much I may like dragons, they seem cliche to me. Plus they just didn't seem to fit into the chronicles. If I were to have dragons I knew they would be a entirely sentient race, not animals, not something to ride on (in fact, a human riding a dragon is about the lowest of the low for my dragons).

So, still undecided I've been vaguely thinking about them from time to time and then I had the perfect idea: Mages and dragons have a mild rivalry going on between them, namely who is superior than the other. This idea just grew and grew bringing with it history and how dragons came into existence, the scuffles between the mages and dragons and now, they fit perfectly. In fact, I already have dragon a character (though unfortunately he shouldn't make an appearance until book 2) and it was really him who said, "Yes, us dragons do exist," with an eerie smile on his face. His name is Oris and here's a simple drawing of him:

 (Click for larger version)

Probably not the best but it catches him. He's not the nicest dragon and is rather frightening at times.  As you see my dragons do have hair, as well as tusks and horns. They don't look very much like giant lizards anymore but more on the mammal side. I think that actually may have been why they didn't seem to fit into my world because I was imagining the stereotypical dragon with all the scales and the long snakish neck and the fire breath and everything but once Oris came into my head that all went away and I knew that they would be looking a bit different.

So, now I got some new things to outline in Remnants cause I'm sure there will be dragons! This will be great, having this added diversity. Quite honestly I can't wait till I get to book two so I can write about Oris!

I hope everyone is having a good time with their NaNo stories! And if you haven't already, click the NaNo Bloggers image at the top of the sidebar to get a list of blogging wrimos and to add your blog if you will also be blogging for NaNo.

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Aww! Fluffy dragons! Ok, ok. Don't kill me, please. I just CAN'T overlook a furball, even if it's a giant one wanting to eat me alive. Seriously, your idea is epic. Never heard about dragons with fur. I hope you have fun writing about them. Are you writing two books this year? Maybe just planning to wait until 2011?
Well, I will add you as writing buddy so I can keep track of your wordcount(and be jealous of your wr1t1ng sk1llz~). :B

Leo Fair- said...

I have the same love of, and cliche hangup over, dragons which is why I spent the last year trying to figure out how to make NaNovel 2009 work without them. I also agree with the riding issue; a sentient dragon would never abide that treatment.

Book Owl said...

rarte - Haha, I wont kill you, I didn't even think about cute fluffy dragons XD Unless I miraculously finish book 1 within November I won't be starting book 2 until 2011, though I wont be waiting for NaNo. And go ahead and add me as buddy, that'll be cool :)

Leo Fair - Dragons have such a bad rap, I hate it! But I'm gonna do my best to write the dragons my way and I hope I wont worry too much about the cliches or I'll become super obsessed with making them so 'original' that they will be completely ridiculously :P

Anonymous said...

They're probably not standard fluffy balls, but they can be monstrous yet cute for some people...Yeah. Like komodo dragons and crocodiles. They're cute. D: I think writing two different books during November is too much to ask. I hope you manage to edit your first book and then write the next one, otherwise jump the editing part but finish it so you can move on. :)
I added you already, I might pop out of nowhere nanomailing you. XD

Elisaveth said...

I love the fact that your dragon has hair! :O I've never heard of that before.

Also, I wanted to thank you for adding me to your sidebar! :D You're lovely! <3