Sunday, October 17, 2010

So Very Busy

Wow, I have been so busy! Running around town getting DBA's and stuff, visiting grandparents until midnight, trying to perfect business cards at 3am and then spending all day working the Young Living booth at the wellness expo, I'm just tired!

I was going to post the day before yesterday but didn't have time, but, see. . . I met Scott Westerfeld. I did, and it was awesome. I got there two hours before the signing was supposed to start (this is because attending Stephenie Meyer's signing closer to the right time was a nightmare) and Scott Westerfeld was there - with his wife Justine Larbelestier! - and I got to meet them and shake hands with them! This may not sound too special to some of you but it felt like meeting a celebrity to me. Anyway, they left very soon after that to eat and I waited for the signing to start and slowly people started to trickle in. Scott Westerfeld's presentation was awesome, with all the history that inspired his Leviathan idea and some stuff on his Uglies trilogy. I now wish I had already read the Leviathan series but I just haven't because of everything else I'm trying to read, but now I'm going to get started on them! Anyway then we got the books signed, I also had his Midnighters series which he signed and my mom brought the Uglies for his to sign. She also had me sit next to him and get a picture, kinda embarrassing for me but awesome! I can't wait to print it and hang it on my wall by my desk, that'll be great inspiration :D

Other than that, I haven't had time to outline at all since my plot breakthrough awhile ago and I have to get started with that again because November is almost here! I'm so nervous and excited about it and I have to get back into my story cause I feel a bit detached from it now, having not thought about it very much for the last few days :(


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! The better part is that now you are more excited to read his book. ;) I'm facing the same problem, I gave up my plot so I'm re-using the world I created for it for my next plot. Who knows, I might decide to use my original plot again. XD

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I love Uglies and Leviathan! I'm so jealous! No one ever comes here :/