Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Inner Critic and No More Reading

Has anyone read leofair's post on the inner critic? Well, that little bugger has just begun attacking me. I was looking at my wipey board outline and the inner critic suddenly appears and tells me: "No one's going to like that! That's a bunch of trash, why are you even working on it? You should just give up right now because everyone will think it's a stupid story!"

You see, this fell little voice has done many things to me in the past. It has gotten me to give up stories and ideas that were probably good, only allowed me to write a chapter or so before viciously attacking me and making me give up. It didn't attack me for most of last years Nanowrimo though because there was no time to concentrate on anything other than clicking the keys on the keyboard. But halfway through the month it did end up attacking me and I almost gave up, if it wasn't for my writing buddies I probably would have abandoned it and all of Nanowrimo. But now its attacking me before Nano has even started and I have to remind myself that it is a good idea and to ignore it's depressing words. The voice has left me alone for now but I'll just have to keep the uplifting thoughts in store for when it returns.

Does anyone else face the inner critic? What do you do to get rid of that foul little voice?

So is everyone else just to twitching in excitement for November to start? Twitching in horror? Is November coming too fast for some of you or not fast enough? I can't wait for November to get here, even if my outline is unfinished! Speaking of I've gotten to chapter ten on my outlines, but the complicated chapters are just coming up so we'll see how I deal with those. . .

Also what are some things you wont be able to do during Nano? (other than the general not able to clean/eat/sleep/etc.) I won't be able to read. I mean, I've got this pile of unread books that I've just gotten in the last month that I haven't even cracked open even though I've been dying to. Why you ask? Well, every time I read a book while trying to write something a large piece of that book makes it's way into my story. Whether it's the writing style or physical objects, they somehow sneak into my stories. You should see the poor idea I was writing when I was reading the Lord of the Rings! Poems and riddles were suddenly all over the place, you should see the poor bit of manuscript they made it into DX So I'm gonna have. . . at least 8 books that I'll want to read once November is over (don't let that number fool you, there is numerous more, those were just the ones I haven't started reading yet =O). So what are you distancing yourselves from this Nanowrimo for one reason or another?

Oh, one more thing. I'll be trying to post everyday during Nano to document my experience through it and I'll try to make things interesting for all you guys reading my blog.

Anyways, I'm off to knit some fingerless gloves, last year my hands were freezing cold while I was trying to type, too bad I didn't think about fingerless gloves last year :(

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Claudie A. said...

Fingerless gloves!! Such a good idea. O.o I need to get that either this year or next year.

As for the inner editor, remind it that you can't know if it'll be good or not before you've written it ALL. So you -need- to finish it first!