Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Plot Breakthrough!


Or early, depending on your perspective ;) I was up really late at a meeting earlier and only got back an hour and a half ago, a couple of us stayed talking for a long time, it was nice :)

Anyway, I have just thought of something for the Chronicles! It just hit me out of the blue and I am so glad I thought of it now instead of halfway into November because this thing I thought of will completely influence most of my world! It will influence the magic, the society, the history, absolutely everything! And I think it's a very original idea that I haven't seen used before (though who am I to know? I have just barely begun perusing the fantasy genre for books having found lately that YA is getting very flat and childish to me) and I think that I can do a very good job implementing it into my world because this thing I just thought of is also - to a certain extent - part of my own life :DD I have actually been thinking that I should start to live the way they might just for fun XD
Sorry I can't tell you anything else cause I'm being shy and paranoid :[ but it is a very good world building point and is already adding extra plot and conflict and scenes are already popping up in my head! This will be great!!!
Sorry for being so excited about this, I just think it is a major break through for my story, plus I am a bit tired and I usually get easily excitable at night :D And I just thought of something good to add but forgot. . . dang it.

Anyway there's this contest thing that Tahereh is doing where you could win 100 dollars for books!! All you have to do is follow her and leave a comment with your favorite title of a novel and your in! Thought you guys should know so you can go enter in!!

Anyway, just thought I should share this stuff before I forgot tomorrow or something. Have good dreams!


Claudie A. said...

Yay for major breakthrough, BookOwl! There's nothing like this tiny spark of inspiration to get you going. :) Have fun!

Book Owl said...

@Claudie A Thanks! So far this is the first major idea so I'm excited :D I can't wait to play with it!

Toranse said...

Awesome! Breakthroughs are the most amazing things in the world!