Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Very First Idea

I can't believe it's a measly 5 days before NaNo. I am sooo not prepared in the least, though hopefully that wont be too much a problem cause last year I had nothing but a vague idea. . . Anyway, I finally sat down today to redo my wipey-board outline to incorporate the new stuff and did that in probably 15 minutes. After this post (or maybe tomorrow) I'll start doing brief chapter by chapter outlines. I only have five more days so I better get going!

On a side note I finished my PC :D (*This is a writing blog!!!*) D:

I hope everyone else is doing good. (Actually, no I don't! I hope your suffering just as much as I am!! >=O) <.< >.> . . . Just kidding :D

Sometimes I wonder how I ever started writing. I mean, I used to hate it and I wasn't good at it either. I had a problem getting my thoughts on paper, seriously you should see some of the stuff I wrote for school >.< But then I read this book when I was about 12. Eragon by Christopher Paolini. I really liked how it was about a dragon rider and it was really awesome and I admit I started daydreaming about having my own dragon and having my own adventure, but isn't that how many ideas come about? So, miraculously, I started writing about this idea. I made this character named Esmerda, later changed to Arza, drew out a map. The country was called Alashia. Alashia consisted of Jokasee Swamp, The Lake of Fire (desert, with a valcano), Zera Plains, Eyrie Forest and Gright (in the north). There were also four separate countries the Phanle Mountains, Sirjang (Sirjang was the country of the water dragons), Tostite Jungle and Erthite which were both of the elves.

While I tried my best to make it all my own, of course there were many similarities between my first story idea and Eragon. There was the dragon riding thing, the elf thing, the tyrant king (Arza's brother was drafted into the army against his will and stuff), even the map is similar, especially with the placement of the mountains XD But the plot was very different besides involving dragon riding and magic. Arza had a grand destiny involving the dragons and I believe she was going to defeat the king (the memory of this story is fuzzy. Though I wrote many things down I didn't write everything). I think some kind of ancient sword was involved in the grand destiny making thing. And her dragon was gold, a sign of who she would become as there had only been 3 gold dragons in history, each of them and their 'magicians' (or riders, but hey I was trying to not copy Eragon :P) doing really grand things in history.

OH! I remember some stuff now! The king is actually a dragon named Zochi that is out to defeat all the other dragons. I had a whole back story for him and everything (even back then I was into the evil characters :D). He was an asonjee dragon, their natures inherently good but the 'evil' dragons, the sirzers and batine, got a hold of him at a young age and 'contaminated' him with black magic and everything to turn him against his own race. It worked but Zochi wasn't fond of any race of dragon other than himself, and he was an abomination so to speak. The reason the evil dragons did this was to get revenge on the asonjee's due to a battle, and the asonjee race is the most powerful of dragons. So that was a brief description of his back story.

So that was how I started writing and my very first idea! I'm much better at writing now and my ideas waaaaay more original :D I hope I didn't bore you with that story :P

Now I gotta try to get myself to outline some more. I wish you guys luck in your writing endevors!


Anonymous said...

At least Eragon served its purpose, and the story is not bad at all. Maybe you should give it another shot someday?
Anyway, don't worry. I'm probably suffering as much as you are. After giving up my last three plots I decided to go with a poorly formed one. The only thing I have is a rough idea of what the novel is about, no story, no final scene/beginning, no nothing. >_>;;

Claudie A. said...

Oooh, suffering. I felt so ready two weeks ago. WHY can't I be like that again?

Now I worry over every little scene that isn't planned, every arc that's not completed in my head. I worry over plot holes I haven't solved yet (UGH UGH).

And I worry over all my ML goodies, which are still lost in the mail system and have two days to arrive.

Don't worry. You are not alone.

Book Owl said...

rarte- Maybe I will take a shot at writing it again. Writing about all that made me feel nostalgic. I think it could be a good story with some polishing and twisting here and there. And don't worry about not having a clear picture of your story. Despite the fact that I'm worrying over the same thing I knew nothing about last years story except it involved Angels and the Tower in which they lived. And I still won.

Claudie A.- Ugh, that feels like me; every little thing I don't know is the end of the world DX And to think I was soo carefree last week x_x I do hope you stuff comes in the mail, that sort of thing can drive me craaaazy!

Elisaveth said...

Ooh, white board outline! Now why didn't I think of that?

I have the tendency to just make things more difficult than need be. I use index cards and write keywords of scenes on them (i.e. Mary goes to the store, Greg explodes, etc.), then lay them out on the floor in the order I want them to happen. Then, I'm usually too tired (also read: lazy) to pick them up at the end of my planning.

This annoys the hubby. =P