Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reminiscing and My Synopsis

So let's reminisce for a moment.

It was a small bit less than a year ago that Justine Larbalestier, an authors blog whom I followed, started posting tips for this strange thing called NaNoWriMo. I never got to read on her blog what, exactly, NaNoWriMo was cause I hadn't visited her site for a week or so. She was on tip #7 I believe when I finally decided to google this strange NaNoWriMo. What I discovered was the wonderful thing that is National Novel Writing Month! As I read about the website and the challenge it immediately appealed to me, and I thought that I just had to join this, I had too! So after joining I tried to decide what I would write, finally choosing Dk27, an old sci fi/fantasy idea I had. I didn't start writing until the next day though and that day I wrote somewhere around 800 words before I decided I could not write this story any longer; it just wasn't working! So I abandoned that idea and looked through my journal for something else to write, deciding on an idea I had just discovered a week or so earlier, having to do with angels. But, being disappointed with that day I didn't write until the next day. So the next day, I wrote a lot knowing that I needed to pass up the measly 800 words from the day before! (I was also embarrassed that I gave up on my story and didn't tell anyone. This is what gave me the motivation to pass up DK27's word count) And I made over one thousand words that day! And then I just kept going and going - but don't be mistaken, there was a place in the middle where I very nearly gave up because I fully believed that I could not do it and that my story was stuck anyway. . . But due to the inspiring words of one of my writing buddies I kept on and eventually made it to the end at 50,028 words! I was so proud of that book (named Angels)!

(Whew, that was long)

And so here I am back to do it again! It really is addicting I suppose, despite all the stress and headaches and the freaking out cause of writers block. The sense of excitement and happiness you have when your writing that scene that you couldn't wait to write, or the adrenaline rush when that perfect idea just hits you out of nowhere - that all makes up for it. And then when you get to the end of that 50,000 and know that you actually did it, that just makes it all worth it. Even if your not done with the book yet, even if you still have 10, 20, or even 50 thousand more words to go, it was still worth it.

That's why I'm back!

I've also finally filled out my novel info on NaNo, but I'll post the synopsis here for everyone, I've been dying to get this out. I still think it needs some work, but I'll fix that later when the book is more. . . well, known to me.

Synopsis: The Chronicle of Siron - Book I - Remnants

Siron is an orphan in the small country of Dimor having no knowledge of either of his parents or anything else far beyond the borders of the small orphanage. But he knows there's something different about him, and not only because of the woman Aurenna who lives inside his head but something else. . . something he can feel in his very soul. And lately he has been hearing whispers. . . Telling him things. . .

But not too long after he can hear these whispers a man finds him. Damen. He says he's a master mage, and that Siron is a mage as well, and together they leave the orphanage and the small country behind to journey to the Islands so that Siron can be made Damen's apprentice. But the whispers are following Siron and are chasing him in black shadowy forms. They say they need him, that Siron has what they need, that they will give in return whatever he might wish. Power. . . Knowledge. . . The world. . .

And Siron is beginning to believe it.


Toranse said...

I saw the link to your blog on the forums I've been looking for other blogs that are doing the same thing that I am - writing about all the different things relating to nano and writing. Your blog and story seem interesting!

Book Owl said...

Awesome, glad you like my blog and story :D I've also been keeping an eye out for Nano blogs, they can be inspiring! If you haven't already, you should check out the NaNo Blog chain to find others, if you click on the NaNo Bloggers link up near the top of my page it'll take you there :D

Toranse said...

Oh, that blog chain looks like an awesome idea. Thanks!