Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Map and a Fantasy Reference

Wow, I'm already writing another post! Hurray :D

Well, I just wanted to show you guys my updated map of my world! It's still not finished, needs some more islands and I have to add the major lakes and rivers but it's about done:

(Click it!)

I also need to think of names for the oceans and the countries but I'm very satisfied with this!

On another note:

For probably a year now I have had this fantasy reference book that I got from an out of town Barnes and Noble, and have skimmed through some of it every now and then but never actually used it.

What a mistake that was.

I haven't thought to look through it again until someone on the WriYe forums brought it up, listing some very useful magic/worldbuilding questions the book asked. So last night I opened this book up again after so many months and found a wealth of fantasy information, including - but not limited to - some commonly used magic rules - as well as uncommon - and the different magics that have been practised in history by different cultures! This has greatly helped me with the problems I've had developing my own magical system. But magic isn't the only thing it talks about. It has a section on traditional fantasy cultures, real world cultures and a ton of other things! If you are a fantasy writer then I highly advice you get this book. It's The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference. You won't be disappointed.

Happy writing!


Trisha said...

Nice map! I had never thought of naming my oceans before> What a great idea. :D

Book Owl said...

Trisha- Thanks! I've been looking at our world map (I have a huge one hanging on my wall ;) to get ideas for my fantasy map! It works really well.