Monday, January 31, 2011

Got My Proof Copy!

The proof came in today! It's completely awesome and looks like a book I'd buy from Barnes and Noble! Here's some pics:

There's only one thing I can say I didn't care for and that was the way the cover attracts finger prints. But I think that's only because the cover is mainly black so it might not be like that for everyone. Formatting the pages was hard for me, but that was just me. Otherwise everything went smoothly and I am so happy! To see my book like this is just. . . wow. I'm still going to be rewriting it, of course but for now: awesome! To those who have a code for a free proof, don't let it go to waste, you don't even have to pay for shipping.

Hope everyone gets a proof of their books!


Jordyn said...

Was this for NaNo?

Cari said...

Hi! Found you over at Grab a Pen.
That looks wonderful! Kudos.
I can't wait until I am far enough along in my own wip to get it bound!

Book Owl said...

Jordyn- Yes it was :)

Cari- Hi. Thank you. Getting your book bound is be a real treat! Hopefully you'll get yours bound soon :)