Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting a Proof Copy

I've just submitted year '09 NaNo, Angels, to createspace to get a free proof copy. The reason why I've submitted the NaNo from '09 and not the one from '10 is because I accidentally let last years free proof copy code go to waste. I had totally forgotten about it, kept putting it off because I didn't think it was ready to be in such a printed form. And before I knew it six months had passed and the code was no good.

Anyway, I didn't do a proof of The Chronicles because I'm actively working on it and the first draft is bad. Well, Angels is bad too, horrible really I cringe every time I read some of it, but it'd still be nice to have an actual copy of it. I'll probably begin to rework it, I've got so many different ideas on what I could do with angels, maybe I'll work on it during those times I get tired of working on The Chronicles.

So here's the cover that I made for the proof copy:

(Click it to make it bigger)

That's the spine and back cover too. I don't really like the summary, but couldn't really think of how to make it better. . . Otherwise I really like it! I think it's a lot better than the one little cover I made back in '09, right before I wrote the book. The book in total also came out to 190 pages after it was formatted. That surprised me because I thought it would be 150 pages at the most. So I'm really excited and can't wait to get the proof! Has anyone else gotten a proof copy of their book(s)? Did it come out good?

I've also found this really awesome place called the Cartographers Guild, a forum for people who like to draw maps. There's some really useful tutorials there for doing things in photoshop or gimp and stuff and many of the people there are very talented. Some of the maps are really artistic and beautiful.

Hope everyone's doing well!


Sara Harricharan said...

Oooh, that's nice. I haven't even thought or done anything about the proof copy yet. *sigh* Nice cover though, I really like it!

Book Owl said...

Sara- Thank you, I can't wait until it comes in. I would say to order one before it expires, even if it's just to use it to revise and highlight things and all that :)

Misha said...

Hi, just dropped by from Grab a Pen.

I love the look of your blog.

I didn't even finish my Nano last year because I was smack bang in my university final exams.

But maybe I would consider it when I finish it this year.

IF my beast of an epic doesn't get in the way.


Erin said...

Like you, I let my proof copy expire last year. I'm also thinking about using last year's NaNo with this year's code. Let us know what you think when you get it! I like the look of your cover.

Book Owl said...

Misha- Hi! I'm glad you liked the way my blog looked, but I changed it now, hope you still like it. I hope you win NaNo this year!

Erin- Ah, I'm not the only one, haha. I'll be sure to tell how everything went with it, probably post a picture. And thank you :)