Thursday, August 9, 2012


(Pics at the bottom!)

We have the puppies! To be honest I was starting to think that they might have died because Bugs was starting to spend what seemed to be all day under one of the cars. It'd been a couple weeks since me and my dad checked out the cave and so this morning me and him went to go check it out. I was expecting to see and hear nothing just as before but we were going back into the brush, Bugs in front of Dad and him before me. And then we heard barking! There were three of them, a white one, a black one and a brown patterned one. They were outside the cave and dad got them and all of a sudden, we had puppies!

We brought them back and showed my brother and mom and they were so excited! So about an hour later my mom urged me to go back to the cave and see if there were any more puppies and so I did, taking Bugs with me. I didn't really think there would be any more but when bugs went into the cave I though there probably would be. She was down there for a minute or two before I began to call for her and she came back out and three more puppies spilled out behind her! I grabbed them all but I had four puppies in my arms (I had brought a puppy with me thinking that if there were any in the cave they might come out if they heard a puppy outside) and after getting a few feet away from the cave I set them down to rearrange them in my arms but the new brown one ran back to the cave and inside before I could catch him. I brought the two new white ones and the brown one I'd brought with me back to the house and set back out to get the remaining one.

Bugs went down in the cave again and the brown one came out with her but didn't come out far enough and ran back inside once it'd caught sight of me and my dad. But for the moment it was out we could hear another puppy whimpering inside. So there were two left!

Bugs wouldn't go near the cave after that but I finally thought to get Bugs on a leash and get her over there. She finally went down into the hole and out came the Brown one and I snatched him up. And there was a little white one behind him but this one was even more wary than her brother and she stayed down where I couldn't reach before going around the corner and deeper into the cave. It took two or three times more of Bugs going back into the cave before the white one came out far enough for me to snatch her.

So we have seven in total. One black one, two brown patterned ones, and four white ones! The black one and three of the white ones are female and the rest are male. They were five weeks old Tuesday and already eat hard food and drink water, though not exclusively.

I think I'll keep one of the brown ones and maybe a white one if I can manage it. My brother is keeping the male white one and I don't know which one my moms gonna keep.

Also, last night bugs wasn't around. I believe she went back to the cave so that makes me wonder if there are still puppies in there. . . I guess I'll have to try and find out!

Here's some pics of Bugs, Ghost (the father), the cave and the puppies!

(Warning: Many pics ahead!)

Bugs and Ghost


Cave entrance with my Dad and Bugs

All the Puppies

Bugs with the Pups

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Really cute puppies!