Saturday, November 10, 2012

NaNo Day 10


Today has been sloooow goooing. I've written 1,222 words so far, giving me a total of 7,735. I'm still hoping to get in maybe 3k today. There's still a few hours left of the day!

The good part is that I'm almost to the more exciting bits of the story. My character Emily is about to have to fend for herself with little money that will quickly dwindle into nothing.

But an unexpected character has snuck her way into the story. Emily's maid, Clavre. Clavre was completely unexpected but in the beginning it made sense that a rich person back in the day would have a servant of some sort. So in came Clavre and now she's gotten left with Emily in another country. Except, for Clavre this country is the place of her birth and in her country she is considered free and not a slave to anyone (unless she signed up for it anyway). I'm not really sure what Clavre is going to do. So far she is helping Emily but she could leave in a heartbeat if Emily treats her wrong.

I had planned for it to just be Emily on her own, but with Clavre I'm not really sure what to do now. perhaps something will happen to her. . . I don't know. Guess I'll find out if I get back to written eh?

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