Friday, September 21, 2012

The Two New Puppies!

Say hello to Alistaire:

And Grimm:

The two new additions to the doggy family! They are only 11 weeks old but they are nearly as tall as their mother! Grimm is supposed to be my brothers dog but I think he's mine (after all, I'm the one who usually takes care of them :P). I absolutely adore them but sometimes they get on my nerves, they're more than a handful and they are constantly trying to play fight. It doesn't sound like play fighting to me though.

The three little dogs are still getting used to them. Giggles is the one who is the most friendly with them, he loves to play with them, but even he snaps at them sometimes. Honey B is more or less indifferent and Roxi (my girl :) wants absolutely nothing to do with them. Sometimes she'll just barely tolerate them if the come and lay next to her but that is the extent of her tolerance. She doesn't try to attack them or anything, just avoid them.

Here's a pic of the three little dogs:

The Chihuahua on the left is Honey B, the Pomeranian in the middle is Roxi, and the Pom on the right is Mr. Giggles

And while I'm at it, I got a nice pic of Bugs:

And I couldn't help but make a couple gifs of the puppies!

Alistaire walking.

Grimm waggin his tail :)

All the puppies (except Roxi, of course :P) together.

So there's the over abundant cuteness for the day! Hope you enjoyed! Now to go and cuddle them :D


Charmaine Clancy said...

Lots of puppies! I love Bugs, very cute.

Damian Bathory said...

This reminds me of the puppy I gave my mother last year. The little fur balls may be one of the classic gift ideas for women, but they sure still work.