Friday, November 9, 2012

Days 1-9 in NaNoLand

I'd meant to post everyday this month for NaNo but I ended up moving on the 1st this month and have been neglecting my writing. Plus, since I just moved to this new house the internet didn't get set up until today.

My mom and dad have decided to try getting back together and see how things go so we've moved into the house dad has rented. So far so good. I've already got most of room brought over and set up except for my books and book cases. Me and my dad are going to build some custom walnut bookcases this weekend to fit around my closet. They're going to be awesome :D And my room is finally a decent size so that I can fit a coffee table and armchair in here. It's really great, and my parents seem to be getting along fine. There hasn't been arguing or anything so far.

I only got to write about 1400 words at midnight on the 1st. I was writing on some story that was from the POV of a dog but I have since given up on that story. I just wasn't feeling it and had no solid direction to go in.

The day before yesterday I was thinking about what story I should write on, if I should start on the Chronicles or The Journalist or Sun Touched again, or if I should start writing on one of two ideas I came across while digging through some old documents searching for something new to write. They were some pretty good ideas too, one of which I was kinda excited about but when I opened a fresh new page and it was time to start writing, something completely and utterly different popped into my head.

It only started out as a couple sentences but as I kept writing the story evolved into something more solid, with a direction. I've since gone with it.

I've written a total of 3342 words on this story so far and am still intrigued by it. It is unlike anything I've thought of so far. It's about a woman named Emily who marries a man she doesn't love and her husband becomes increasingly resentful of this fact over the years until he abandons her in a foreign country with little money. Emily, who has lived in luxury all her life and believes herself to be the most beautiful and wealthy of women, now has to learn to make a living for herself and ends up dirt poor and living on the streets.

So far so good I think! I hope this idea turns into a good story. I imagine the world that she comes from similar to Victorian but the country she is left in is something completely different. A different language, a different culture, she'll have to relearn everything.

And there's going to be magic in here somewhere. Probably not as dominant as it usually is in my stories but I have some ideas for things that happen in later.

 So, I'm painfully behind on my word count, only 4772 so far, but I plan to catch up!! I can do this! :D

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