Sunday, May 8, 2011

ROw80 Update 5/8

I was doing pretty good keeping up with my goals until yesterday. I got started finishing the journal I'd been making and well, just didn't have time to write cause it was already morning.

And today I'm going to my aunts and uncles for mothers day, my grandparents will be there too,  and probably won't be back until evening but I'm going to try to write while I'm over there and I'll write when I get back and do the outlining/plot refining stuff.

You know, I didn't realize that mothers day was such a big thing. The banks closed and stuff around here for the event. Don't take this the wrong way (I really do appreciate my mom), but it almost seemed a bit superfluous. I mean, mothers day isn't exactly Christmas or Easter. Maybe I just feel that way because I didn't realize that it was this 'big'.

Anyway, gotta go celebrate 'Mothers day' now. And try to get some writing in there on the side. And Happy Mothers day to everyone who's a mother!


Anonymous said...

Looking at your May Madness graph, you have a little padding for a weekend of not-so-much writing. ;) Ambitious goals! Good luck!

alberta ross said...

good luck - hope you enjoyed mother's day - keep smiling

S.B. Stewart-Laing said...

Good job keeping up with your goals! Sometimes it's hard to keep going but you seem to have great self-disipline.

Mother's Day in Scotland happens in March, so yesterday I called my mum (who lives in the States) and she was like "bwahahaha, I get two Mother's Days!")

Misha said...

Strange. It's not such a big thing here. On the other hand... We just came out of about twelve days of no work because of the many public holidays we have. Could be we're just over it. ^_^

TayLyee said...

Katen, yeah but my ROW80 goal was to write every day. Thanks!

Alberta, Thank you :)

S.B. Stewart-Laing, Thanks for the support :)

Misha, Wow, twelve days?