Friday, May 13, 2011

May Madness Update 5/13

Well I'm trying to make up for the missed days of writing. Going slow but we'll see I guess. I'm trying to work out some kinks in my story, mainly the way it begins and the main plot points and such. So yeah, I did start from chapter one again, and so far it's a LOT better than before. More exciting, more. . .everything! I'm really glad I decided to start from the beginning again. Good thing I did so before I'd written anything else. I have to remember that sometimes it's good to start over. And I can't wait to continue writing cause I stopped writing at an exciting part! Maybe I should do that more often, it'll give me more incentive to get writing everyday. ;)

I got to meet my violin teacher the other day and go through the books I'll be learning from. I have a violin lesson on Tuesday and a guitar lesson on Monday. Can't wait!

What is your opinion on starting your WIP over? Even when your, like, half-way through? Would you rather finish it and revise or not?

EDIT: A comment on my last post was lost! From Claire I think? I'm sorry it was lost! (Even though it's not really my fault. mumble grumble.)


Claudie A. said...

Most of the time I finish the WIP anyway. It allows me to learn more about these characters and to test ideas out.

But, well, 'most of the time', it's also NaNoWriMo and I need stuff to write anyway. ;)

If you start over, I only recommend you take the time to plan it out, at least enough to avoid the mistakes of the first draft. I didn't for White Echoes, and here I am, on my second rewrite...

Jeff Greene (@GreeneJeffrey) said...

I can’t start over. I lose the passion for the story and get frustrated. Now, my motto is “just get the story out, you can fix it later”. It’s just my style but I keep what I haven’t finished. I don’t consider them wasted effort but maybe something I can come back to.

TayLyee said...

Claudie, Yeah, I'm getting some more planning done. So far so good but I'm not really far enough into the story yet to judge.

Jeff, I just can't do that. When I find something horribly wrong with the thing I'm writing it becomes the only thing I can see and I have to start over.