Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My - Real - Map

Good news! I finally - finally! - have an official map for my world!

Drawing a map for the place you write about - a place that doesn't exist on earth - is really really hard, a lot harder than I had originally thought. The first map I posted on here, I thought that one was it. I had the whole entire world right there, and then I realised that the story wasn't going to happen over the entire world, and the map grew sour for my story. So I drew another one. Again, drawing the whole world and then choosing the specific place in the world the story would take place. Didn't work. I drew at least five maps before I gave up. And then, when thinking about my story one day, when thinking about the different countries and peoples, a map came to mind. I hardly even noticed that I was imagining the map of my world and it almost slipped away before I realized what I was seeing. This map was what I saw, and it's sticking. I can imagine the story taking place here, something that I wasn't able to do with all the others.

So, that's one thing taken care of :D

The map doesn't look more realistic like the first one I did, I colored it this way to make it look more map like, more like something you'd see in a book. I'll probably end up doing a satellite-esque one sometime though.

Does anyone else have this much trouble creating a map?


Michael Offutt said...

I don't create maps but I think yours is really beautiful.

Trisha said...

I've got plenty of maps for my fantasy world :) it's a HUGE world...sort of like earth with all the different continents, etc.

Book Owl said...

Michael: Thank you :)

Trisha: Awesome! Mine worlds about earth size but I have figured out that I have to start with only where the story takes place before creating the rest of the world. For some reason it doesn't work the other way around.