Friday, April 29, 2011

Catch Up Month

Well, according to the chart on the right I am majorly behind on my goals. Like, way. I was hoping this wouldn't happen this year. Last year I didn't make my goal either and I really don't want to do that this year. So May is catch up month.

I'm going to call it May Madness! Cause, you know, that makes it sound cool n'stuff.

I'm not sure whether I should do like NaNoWriMo and aim for 50k, or go insane and aim for 100k. I think I'm leaning towards insane since I've got some major catching up to do. The game plan is to do a post on the first to mark the beginning of May Madness and then do an update every Friday until the end of May.

If I aim for the 100k that means 3,226 words a day. I think I need something challenging right now to get back into the swing of things.

If any one else wants to do this with me, go for it! Some friendly competition could be fun :)

How are your goals going? And do you like the new everything look?

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