Saturday, September 25, 2010

50k a Day!?

Well I did some of the word sprints today, starting on my idea #1 because I basically already had some characters and a feel for the world. Basically, it is a reincarnation of an older idea and so I have recycled some of the characters, including the MC, his name is Lighsen Law (last name may be subject to change). The title for my old idea was DK27 and I'm trying to find a way to keep that same title, as I'm rather fond of it, it would have to be incorporated into the plot somehow (there is a meaning behind the title, I'll tell you guys what it means if I can put it in the plot somehow. . . ). So I have a couple thousand words written on that thanks to the sprints but it was hard going because I wasn't entirely sure how to start and I think I started the story two or three times before I finally got in the flow with a good beginning. So that's nice, it feels good to be writing again (I haven't written for a month or so due to my computer braking and losing close to everything; thank goodness for flash drives and my forethought to save my two most precious stories!). I'm going to be doing outlines for this as well as the Chronicles and maybe another or so. The Chronicles is at the top of the list however.

Now, you guys have probably already heard of Kateness, the girl who wrote 1,000,000 words during NaNo last year. But, nevertheless, if you haven't checked out her blog I advise that you do, huge inspiration boost for me. Here is her blog posts throughout November '09 (Day 1 is at the bottom). She wrote 50,000 words in her first day of doing NaNo. O_O :O Anyway it was a great inspiration and you should check it out and read it because it lifted my spirits some to see someone write so much in so little time.

I'm also trying to get myself on a good steady sleep pattern before NaNo (psh, that will probably go down the drain Eye Roll Pictures, Images and Photos) so that I might not be so tired.

Well, that's all for now! I hope everyone is having luck with their NaNo plots and such!

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