Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Waiting for NaNo


I've finally made a cover for the first book of the Chronicles of Siron. It took two or three very wrong tries but I finally did it:

(Note: Image used does not belong to me)

I think it came out very good, a lot better than last years Angels cover by a long shot! I especially love how eerie the eyes came out :D I also made a signature banner thing for it:


I didn't do that texture thing I did with the cover but it came out better without it.

Gosh I'm just so exited! Waiting for NaNo to come up! I've just barely started to outline. I've done this major event outline on a wipey board, an idea from someone on the forums, but I'm still going to try and outline chapter by chapter. I just feel the need to because the wipey board isn't detailed enough, though it is good to glance at for reference. Like in chapter one the outline will be like, 'Be sure to include this or that, etc' That's what I think it'll be like anyway. I haven't actually written it yet. . . <.<

Haha, anyway. I know a lot of other people are just as exited as me, you can tell by looking at the forums, all the topics for 'Countdown to the Wipe' and 'Farewell Forums' and some others.

Um, I might be able to talk about something else tomorrow (or maybe after the new site is up) but for now I CAN'T WAIT!!!1! XD


Vanessa said...

Good luck for you @ Nano. I like to stalk others participants blogs to inspire myself to write. Sorry for that! XD I wish it was November already. :'(
Anyway, the reflexive effect turned out vert good I think. The font is good too, but I couldn't easily read the "Owl" part. Anyway, good luck for both of us. I will follow your blog if you don't mind. Seriously, I love Nano posts. :3

Claudie A. said...

Oh, don't worry, a lot of others are excited about NaNoWriMo. I can barely keep from squeeling every time I think about it! At least I have all my MLs duty to keep me busy until it finally arrives. I can't imagine what it's like for the regular Wrimos. This year is going to be awesome. :D

Also, I'm stealing your countdown widget. I love it.

Book Owl said...

@Vanessa Don't worry! I'm stalking other peoples blogs too! (Don't tell anyone ;) I'm glad you like the cover! If I'm aloud to say, I love it XD I had to resize the cover, font and all to get it to fit here, so the font and everything got a bit fuzzy, the original is better. But I might be bias because I love the font. . .

@Claudie A. Honestly, I can't imagine doing ML while doing NaNo, sounds like a bit more work than I'd want to do. And don't worry about stealing the widget, I stole it from some one else ;)

Elisaveth said...

I love it! It has a very nice eerie feel to it, and I can't wait to read updates! :D

Also, I'm going to post your blog on my sidebar, so anyone else who comes to my site will be directed to you.


Book Owl said...

@Elisaveth Thank you! I'm glad you like! And that's very cool to link me! I'll be getting all my blog links up soon (you'll be there :D), probably tomorrow :)

Vanessa said...

I finally managed to follow you blog (I was getting the "blablabla is too long" error -.-; ). I guess it's a general rule, WriMos do stalk other people. Of course it doesn't make the stalkism right. XD The font suited your cover, I hope it's just the "O", it took me a little longer to identify what was written (ok, I cheated, I figured out thanks to your username :X)

Book Owl said...

Ah, thanks for following! I'd follow you too but, eh, I can't understand the language. . . <.< Sorry ^_^; Haha, cheating's fine! I'm just glad everyone else thinks the cover is good and I didn't waste my time!

Anonymous said...

I don't write there anyway (at last on blogger, I maintain a fc2 blog which I like to blog about stupid things). I'm creating a livejournal in english though, it's for this year since I like to document things and to keep in touch with a slice of NaNoWrimo community. Not that this actually matter, I prefer to stalk than being stalked after all. I will stop by with certain frequency so you will see me around quite often. X3

Book Owl said...

@rarte Wait I'm confused. . . Are you Vanessa (No offense if your not)?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am. I thought it was obvious. Sorry for not mentioning it before. This is my livejournal account, I didn't know I could post using a LJ user (and it's easier since rarte is my NaNoWriMo username).

Book Owl said...

Sorry, that just confused me for a moment ^_^;