Thursday, October 31, 2013

Twas the Night Before NaNo

Twas the night before NaNo and all through the night,
Every Wrimo was waiting for the stroke of midnight.
Computer and paper was out and prepared,
For NaNo was, finally, practically there.

Coffee was brewed, or tea steeped if you wished,
Work was forsaken and school was dismissed,
Sleep would not come on this night of the year,
For NaNo was, finally, practically here.

Wrimos waited, breath bated, fingers twitching to type,
On this one and only most anticipated of nights.
Time went by slowly like water through stone,
NaNo was so close yet it seemed so remote.

Browsing the forums of the NaNo website,
Eyes constantly flicking to the clock on the right.
It's 11:59, so close to the start,
NaNo's finally upon us, it will finally start.


Just something that kinda popped into my head. :) It makes me smile so maybe it'll make some of you all smile.

Unfortunately, I can't do like the poem says and dismiss school tonight. I've got an early start tomorrow and haven't had any good rest for weeks so I need all I can or I will fall asleep during class. I might, might, be able to get some writing in, in the morning before class but I probably won't get to write anything until the afternoon or evening. (It's a six hour class. Unfortunately. Argh!)

I hope everyone has a merry, merry NaNo! :D

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