Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Say Hello to. . !

Only a few more days (omgomgomgomg)!

And for the first time in history I know (omg, I know!) what one of my human character look like!!

Now perhaps I haven't said anything about this but I'm usually extremely indecisive when it comes to what my characters look like, particularly the main characters (I don't really have a problem throwing out some random looks for a random character). One day I think their eyes are blue, the next green. Later, hazel. Brown hair? Blonde hair? Black hair? Who knows.

Consequently, if you were to read most of my stories, you'd notice that there is very vague or no explanation at all for what some character physically look like. You may know what their presence feels like, but not really anything like eye color, hair color or facial structure.

But, lately, I've become a bit more decent at drawing human faces and while I was doodling some random ones, trying some different nose shapes, I found one of my characters!

I was doodling some random dude and was like "Hey, this guy looks sorta cool," so I redrew him a bit better and I was just like, "Oh my God this is one of my characters." I knew exactly who it was just all of a sudden, it was pretty cool.

The character is a relatively new addition, added probably in the last year or two. I couldn't think of any name for him until the last week or two and has before been referred to in my head as simply 'The Mentor.' Now, I'm tentatively calling him, last name Quivyr (Qui as in quiver, vyr as in veer), first name currently unknown.

This is the prototype sketch of him:

Not anything like I would have imagined him to look like. I mean, for one- bald?? Would have never, ever guessed that. Ever. And yet, somehow, this is definitely him.

It's pretty awesome how this sort of things happens. :)

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