Monday, February 7, 2011

Planning Progress

I have made much progress since deciding to get down and actually try to plan The Chronicles. I have finally - finally - figured out why the villain guy is after the MC specifically and not just finding someone else, that's been one of the largest holes in my plot that I've found so far and I had absolutely no idea how to fix it.

What's funny though is that I did not figure it out while actively trying to figure out that particular plot hole. I had been trying to figure out the process the villain used to become the villain that he is. Doing this has resulted in a new kind of magic for the book (one which I am excited about) and a whole system of stuff that has filled another small plot hole that I know of. While I was writing about this new kind of magic it suddenly hit me that this new kind of magic is what makes the MC so special and why the villain is after him and not someone else.

I really wish that I could tell you guys everything about this book because I'm so excited about it but I'm afraid to because I wish for this stuff to be published some day. And I'm a little bit wary about sharing my ideas on the vast interwebs where anyone in the world can see them. I hope you guys understand :]

Anyways, so far planning has been going good, still have tons of other things to plan though, like where in the fantasy world the events of this story take place but. . . I'm a little less daunted now! Though due to a certain fanfic that someone pointed out, the planning may go a bit slower because that story is just so addicting and hilarious! If anyone likes Harry Potter fanfic, try reading that, it's one of the best I've read in a long while.

And thank you guys for the advice last post! It helped me out and kept me from mentally drowning in the innumerable things about this story that are just overwhelming my mind :)


Misha said...

I'm glad you sorted it out.

And yes, we all understand why you aren't sharing.

You will see on my blog that I actually give very little away. I don't explain how anything works in my story.


Michael Offutt said...

It's definitely got me curious. When you get published it means I'll definitely have to buy the book. But with this much work behind it, no doubt, it means that the manuscript is going to be really good. Here's to wishing you much fun in writing it all out. :)

Book Owl said...

Misha- Thanks. I'm just making sure because I really do want to tell everyone and just saying why I can't :)

Micheal Offutt- Those are some encouraging words! Thank you :D