Thursday, November 7, 2013

NaNo Day 7!

Oh my God! I've been so busy! School has taken up most of my time and I went two days without writing a word!! But! Last night/this morning I wrote about 3700 words! If I can write about 3k more words today, I'll be caught up.

And! Well, I decided to kinda start over with my story. Remember how last post I was talking about how the main character was talking to this stranger that had come to his village? Yeah. Well, now I've sorta rewound the story back to the beginning and am now writing from that strangers perspective instead of Drae's. And, it's been more interesting. Like, the words have been pretty much flowing from my fingers. AND! I've even gotten the first idea of what the magic in the world could be like! Where I had no idea before (and in past Nanoing years have pretty much done a vague, generic magic 'system') I now have something a bit less generic! It just came out of nowhere. I was reading the sentence I had just wrote and was like, "If that word was capitalized it could mean something different," and, well, it's kinda awesome.

So, I currently find myself with about an hour and a half of unexpected free time with nothing to do. Let's see how much I can write! :)

Good luck everyone!

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