Monday, November 11, 2013

NaNo Day 11


I've been having trouble keeping up with my wordcount. I'll neglect it for as couple days and get behind, then catch up, then get behind again, argh! I've almost caught up again, I'm about 200 words from the 18k and some odd words total that's required for today.

My novel is coming along. Already, I know there's going to be some changes going on in the beginning but it's nice to actually be putting words to paper for once, finally I'm using the world that I've created! It's fun. My character Drae is finally leaving his little villages, earlier than planned because his father is more or less kicking him out (with the expectation that he'll return. That's not gonna happen :p). Now that I think about it, it's probably time to bring in my other POV character, Siron.

So, so far so good, though I'm lagging behind in wordcount at times.

I'm about to have to start writing an essay for school. Yay. More writing, for something that isn't my novel. And reading for research. And a memoir to write. Oh my gosh, so much writing!

11 days down, 19 to go! I can do this! >:D

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