Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ROW80 Update 8/31

I haven't had time to work on my story and it's frustrating! I've been busy with my music stuff and planning vacation next month and yesterday was my birthday so I didn't get to any writing then and then, believe it or not, yesterday evening the family cat, who is 19 years old, looked like she was dying. She can't really stand or walk or anything. She's still alive but still can't really move. It's so sad. She doesn't seem to be in any pain or anything but still. . .

Anyway, I'm sorta glad this didn't happen while I was out on vacation next month when she would've been alone.

Sorry to make this a sad post, so I'll leave that alone now.

So, I won't win Nano, and haven't been keeping up with my ROW80 goals the last couple of weeks. That's pretty much all I can say on that.

As for vacation next month, I can't wait! It'll be fun and probably good for me; I can't believe how boring it is around here where I live.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your kitty! My first cat ended up falling ill while my family was out of town on vacation, but thankfully she managed to hang out until we got home. It meant a lot to be able to say goodbye to her.

The great thing about ROW80 is that it's flexible enough to accomodate all of the things going on in life, so don't worry too much about not keeping up with your goals over the next couple of weeks. Tweak 'em a bit, and all will be well.

Nicole said...

Hang in there, Taylor. You'll be back on your feet again soon. We all go through valleys of frustration from time to time, but they don't last forever!

McKenzie McCann said...

Your cat is 19 years old? Wow. That is an oooold cat. Does she still have her teeth?

Well, aside from that, have fun on vacation.