Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ROW80 Update 8/10

Things are going great so far. I keep trying to world build and keep up with camp nano (which my wordcount is a bit behind at the moment). And I keep hitting world building snags that I need to work on like, why do they were clothes like that? And why do their houses look like that? And stuff like that.

Actually, the writing is going really good. I'm finally getting to the meat of the story where the things start to happen and I didn't rush it like I usually do when I start writing. I'm usually so anxious to get to the part where the MC goes places that I just skip the other important things. But I didn't this time.

There's still so much I have to figure out though, even though I've started writing. Like I still don't know how the magic should work, really. I mean, should they use wands or staffs? Not need those? Is it ritual like? Do they have to say certain words or no? Movement?

And then there's the laws  of the magic I have to figure out. What are the limits? I don't have a clue. But I'll just have to figure it out somehow.

I'm trying to look around at mythology and - believe it or not - science to get ideas for the magic in my books but so far I've still got nothing.

But otherwise, thing are going great. :)

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Anonymous said...

I actually like the world building part almost more than I love the actual writing.

For me, it is very worthwhile in the long run to have a lot of details worked out so that as you're writing you have a framework and you don't have to remember what you might have said in an earlier chapter.

But that said, it's always acceptable to say "I just won't decide ___ now." and leave it ambiguous.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear your progress; I'm glad that you don't feel as though you've slowed down. I agree with Amy Beth, the attention to detail now will save you lots of time and energy later.

I enjoy this part, too; have a great rest of the week!
Nancy Poehlmann

The East Coaster said...

I'm with Amy. I love worldbuilding and spend eons doing that long before I type.

My rule for magic in a fantasy universe: anything goes as long as it is well described, explained and consistent thoughout every chapter in the series

My rule for science in a science fiction universe: anything goes as long as it's plausible, given a set of natural laws that I've established in my head. The reader may never see the rules on paper, but nothing they read will ever break them.

I hope this isn't as rambling as it seems...

Lola X said...

Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

Lola x

TayLyee said...

Amybethinverness, Well, I actually really love to world build. It's just that I don't think about half of the things I should until I get to them in the book, then I'm all like 'I should know this already!' :)

Belledamesansmerci, Thank you :)

The East Coaster, I also like world building, I just don't think of everything that should be built before I start writing. Until I hit it and go 'Why didn't I already know that!?" :)

I can't decide how I want my magic to function, there's so many different ways it could be and it's hard to choose you know?

Lola X, I'm glad you think so! :)