Sunday, July 3, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo!!

Camp NaNoWrimo! I totally forgot to post about it cause things were happening. It was my brothers birthday yesterday and the day before was spent preparing for it so I didn't find much time to post about but anyway.

I'm so excited about this! I've written about 4k words so far. I'm getting stuff done and it's awesome! Gosh I've missed this! There's people back on the forums, there's word sprints going on at twitter (though I tend to miss most of them) and the energy's great.

For me though, Campnano seems a bit more relaxed and casual then Nano in November. I don't feel the need to push myself so far above and beyond like I did last year where for the first 11 days I wrote 5k words everyday. This time around I just feel like writing at a nice pace, making sure to keep with the minimum daily goal and not pushing myself too hard. I don't know if this sort of tactic will make for a better or worse novel but whatever, I'm going with it.

Also, I've got an outline for my story! I tried using index cards. It seemed sort of cool so I started writing down little sentences representing a scene or something on an index card. The awesome part is that I can move the cards around! Oh, that person should die later in the story? Alright then *move card* it's so easy. I used to read about people doing this sort of thing and moving their scenes around and I never imagined how anyone could possibly just move a scene. But now I get it. I didn't get it until I had some of the index outline written and was all like, 'Wait a minute. That shouldn't happen yet, it wouldn't make sense!' *move*

An odd thing is that I thought my story would be written in third person limited. There's a bit more freedom that way. But as I wrote I somehow slipped into first person without even noticing! When I noticed I was just like 'It's fine. It's a first draft. Maybe first person will be better for this story.' And then, somehow I slipped back into third person limited without noticing. It's really weird. Some parts sound awesome in first person and others in third person and I automatically just switch narrative POV. I've also noticed, reading over the first person things I wrote that sometimes things are in present tense and other times in past tense. That was really, really odd for me because I haven't hardly read any books in present tense except for the Hunger Games. And one time I thought about trying to write it and couldn't really figure it out properly. So. . . That's weird.

Anyway's I'm just going to go with it at this point since I don't really know what POV to use. Hopefully one of them will stick by the time July's over.

And now, I've got to get writing! Is anyone else doing Camp NaNoWriMo?


The Capillary said...

I'm not doing Camp NaNo, and I feel like I'm missing out. Depending on what August looks like, I may try it then.

It's like if we give ourselves permission to be flexible then writing seems to flow better and more efficiently.

I've always been meaning to try something different with plot outlines. I have always wanted a giant white board so I can do the same moving of points, but I might have to settle for cards until I am in a position to get one.

McKenzie McCann said...

I am so bad at writing under the gun. I can barely do it for school, let alone something as stress-inducing as Nanowrimo.

Plotting seems like the way to go under a time constraint. You make a plan, stick to it, get done on time. Too bad plotting drives me nuts.

Good luck working out your POV.

Misha said...

I would have loved to, but I've got a 15 August goal on revising Doorways.

So I'm hoping to join NaNoWriMo instead.

Good luck with Camp NaNo!


Deana said...

I really need to sign up for at least one NaNo thing. I have heard great stuff but never take the time to do it. Bad me. Thanks for the reminder:)

The East Coaster said...

I love WriMos! Right now I'm doing JulNoWrimo, but might head sign up for CampWrimo during August. Happy Writing!!

TayLyee said...

The Capillary, in August they'll have a new sight feature or two so it'll be more fine tuned then :)

Personally, I want a chalk board. I've tried the white board but, I don't know, a chalk board would work better :p

McKenzie McCann, really? It's not really so stressful to me.

I thought planning would drive me crazy but turns out it doesn't. What drives me crazy is when I'm in the middle of writing I suddenly don't know what happens next ;)

Thanks you :)

Misha, oh well. Thank you and good luck with Doorways!!

Deana, no problem! I hope you find time for it!!

The East Coaster, Awesome!! Good luck!