Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ROW80 Update 6/15

Man these Sundays just keep sneaking up on me! I've had plenty of ideas for my story and, I want to try my hand at illustrating some of the scenes I have in mind. But I wont for awhile yet cause I don't want to get too distracted form the writing itself.

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And I have just discovered a very intriguing book thanks to Sommer's blog. The book's called Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. First of all, I absolutely LOVE the title. It's the kind that just catches my eye and would make me by it for that alone. And then the cover- again, I would by the book for the cover alone (I'm just like that, gotta love awesome book covers!). I mean look at this:

It's just so eye catching! So, for those reasons (and what I read of the summary) I've decided to buy it! After I decided to buy it I found out I could read the prologue and first three chapters of the book here and I'm hooked. I'm gonna go buy the book tomorrow so I can read the rest, I can hardly wait!

I'd tell you what it's about, give a little summary or something, but since I'm not good at that and it wouldn't be good enough I'll let his book trailer do the talking.

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