Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pottermore! ROW80 Update 6/23

So this will be the last update until next month! I've got a little break but I feel like I will still do a bit of planning and plotting during the break so I can be more fit for writing next month. I can't wait! I think I'll accomplish much more in the next round than I did this one.

So. . . What does everyone think of the mysterious Pottermore so far? I'm still not quite sure. From what J.K. Rowling said in the video it sounds like a sort of interactive thing to accompany the books, with added content and new information about the Harry Potter world. It's still a bit hazy I think, what it's really going to be.

But even so I can't help but be excited! It sounds like it could be really cool, but I can't help but worry that it may not be as wonderful as I'm hoping.

Nevertheless, I can't wait for October. And perhaps, just maybe, I could be one of the people to get early access to Pottermore on July 31st. I'm at least going to try ;)

What is everyone else thinking about Pottermore? Are you excited about it? What do you think it'll be like?

Other ROW80ers here! Until next month!


Claire Farrell said...

Best of luck with round three!

This is the gist of a conversation I had today about Pottermore.

Me: *ranting* What the hell JK, that doesn't tell me anything! I still don't know what it is! It's probably something lame anyway.

OH: So you won't be using it then?

Me: What are you talking about? I'll be the first one online in October.

Sooo, yeah. :D When I hear explanations of it, I keep thinking fanfiction, a game, ebooks. I hate mysteries. ;)

TayLyee said...

Claire, that sounds the way I was! I was all excited after watching it until I realized I still didn't know much! I think it'll be all the things you mentioned especially an interactive game-like experience! I'm definitely marking the calender for this one :D

Craig Hansen said...

LOL on the Pottermore stuff. Anything that breeds new readers is fine by me, but it doesn't affect me one way or the other. I am a fan of the movies and once I see the final one, that's it for me. Anyway, congrats on lasting to the end, see you in Round 3.

TayLyee said...

Craig, you haven't read the books? Ah, I love them, the movies too but it won't be over for me after this last movie. In fact I have a feeling that it won't be over for a very long time, perhaps never. . .


Thanks, and I also can't wait for round 3! See you there :)

alberta ross said...

sorry I haven't read the books (lie I did read the first one I think) haven't seen any of films right through (just trailers) but glad your'e all excited about it - hope lives up to expectations

well done everyone for making it through round 2 - well done on acheivements and goals crossed -looking foward to seeing you all in round3

keep smiling

Lauren Garafalo said...

Glad you'll be back for Round 3. I geeked out that whole day about Pottermore. The screenshots look beautiful! If you haven't yet seen it, Leaky had the best info on the whole deal.

I'm making a date with Em (Loves to Read, Wants to Write) for July 31st so that we can try to be two in a million to get on early! But three in a million would be better...

TayLyee said...

Alberta, Aw, you didn't like the books? Oh well, I suppose.

Thanks! Can't wait for round 3! See you there :)

Lauren, I know, I swear that half the day was spent staring at the website waiting for *something* to happen, haha :D

What do you mean 'make a date'? But yeah, I'm totally going to try and be one of the million!!

alberta ross said...

well I don't remember disliking it as such - didn't make of an impression and so many other books to be read - I was in the middle of nursing my mother at the time through a fairly distressing stressful few years so maybe magic couldn't get through reality!! who knows - I realize I ought to have stayed up burning midnight oil to read them all!!!!Mybe I will sometime - but my list of to read books just keeps growing

TayLyee said...

Alberta, Oh okay. Maybe you will get to them some day. And yes there are always so many more books to read! I've pretty much dug a hole for myself with all the books I've purchased but haven't finished - or even begun - reading yet :P