Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time to Revise

Well, I've taken a week off of writing. At this point I believe that I am officially out of the NaNoWriMo mindset.

I decided last night that I was going to start revising. This meant that I would have to print out everything I wrote for NaNo (except Fork, that will probably be forgotten about). I have to print it out, reading it through on the computer just doesn't work for me, printing it and physically being able to hold my story just can't be matched with a computer screen, and it makes it feel a lot more real.

But before I got to the printing I remembered that I have to do spell check. I did that for an hour before I finally went to bed and then it went on for another hour or two today before it was finally done. I had no idea that the spell check would take that long, I don't remember it being that long last year.

So, afterwords I started printing everything and partway through the ink - of course - decided to run out on me and I had to go get some before I could finish. And my uncle was over so I couldn't start reading anything yet cause that would be a bit rude and then my mom and dad guilted me into staying out in the living room for awhile to watch TV with them cause I haven't spent much time outside me room all last month and this month as well. But now, I finally get to sit down and read it. And I can't wait. All three of my stories are twice the size of last years Angels and it was so exciting to watch it all print!

And I honestly can't wait to start changing things up because the last few days I've thought about it on and off coming up with more things and while skimming through it when it was printing and while I was spell checking has brought all the excitement back and I know what needs to be changed and the things I have to figure out. I don't have any answers yet but that's what this is all for!

Pics of my 'manuscripts':


Claudie A. said...

Last year I printed out my manuscript as I went along, rather than in one chunk. That way I didn't get all the ink out.

This year, I won't even print it - and not just because I am rewriting. I bought a touchscreen net book in-between, which means that I can scratch stuff out directly on screen. It's not *quite* as fun as with paper, but it saves about 200 pages, so I don't think I can complain. :D

And you've got nifty title fonts, woot! Mine's nowhere near fancy. ^^

Book Owl said...

I thought about printing it as I go but it just wouldn't have been the same :)

Sounds like a cool net book! I would still prefer paper though, even though it is a lot of pages. . . You're making me feel guilty :\

Awesome fonts are actually quite easy to find. I google searched free fonts and some awesome websites came up with awesome free fonts, all the fonts I used for the titles and everything were free :D

Trisha said...

I want to print mine too, that's something I've never done with NaNos. But I can't bring myself to do it until I've edited it heaps. I'm talking last year's NaNo too, which is on its 2.5th draft at present :D

Book Owl said...

Trisha- You haven't printed last years NaNo? Wow. I'd never be able to do it. And good job with sticking with your story a year later! I've all but abandoned last years story, though I might go back to it some day though. . .